Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fan Bingbing - Cannes Red Carpet [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

Fan Bingbing has always made her annual trips to Cannes an affair to note. This year was no different. But was she really mistaken for a Japanese actress this year as the Chinese media snarkily reported? After dazzling in her Crane gown and Dragon robe in previous years, this year's red carpet appearance showcased Fan Bingbing wearing a porcelain-like gown with depictions of the the legendary Four Beauties of China: Gui Fei, Diao Chan, Xi Shi, and Wang Shaojun. Unfortunately, Fan Bingbing's Tang Dynasty-inspired hair was met with disapproval from Chinese netizens likening it to that of a Japanese sumo wrestler or, alternately, a geisha. The dress, again designed by Bo Kewen (Chris Bu), is inspired by Qing Dynasty porcelain as well as being embellished with the portraits of the Four Beauties.

With no film to promote this year, Fan Bingbing attended the festival as a guest of L'Oreal. If the reports are to be believed, Fan arrived with no dress selected for the red carpet, hoping to choose a Western-styled dress upon arrival. After seeing photos of Bo's dress via cellphone, the 10 million yuan creation was couriered to Fan arriving just two hours prior the red carpet walk for the opening ceremony. Maybe that explains the inexplicable choice of hair style. Believe it, or not.

THR: Video interview with Fan Bingbing

Flash serves to make Fan Bingbing look even more pale

Fan's dress wrangler seems to have a tutu accessory?

CF: Fan Bingbing Hits "Rust and Bone"'s Red Carpet with New Hairstyle
Wearing an Elie Saab dress according to those in the know.

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