Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jiang Yiyan's Sexy Photo Shoot

Here she is in Lu Chuan's City of Life and Death (Nanjing! Nanjing!)

Here she is in a recent World Cup photo shoot!
I say, Goooooooool!

(Sina-full gallery)

Tang Wei - No Good Deed Unrewarded

Tang Wei can't catch a break. Outside a hotel media scrum, Tang Wei stopped to pick up a photograher's flash unit that had fallen to the ground. Her reward for the good deed? The photographers take the opportunity to shoot a picture down her blouse! A case of flash for flash.


Huang Xiaoming - Fashion Weekly Magazine Spread

Huang Xiaoming is featured in a Fashion Weekly magazine spread ahead of his film Flirting Scholar 2 which opens July.

Huang Xiaoming


6.30.2010 - News

Zhao Wei is reportedly returning to Gordon Chan's follow up to Painted Skin but Chen Kun is said to have declined to participate. (21cn)

Hong Kong media reports that Jet Li will begin shooting Tony Ching Siu-Tung's White Snake in August and then in September he will join in Tsui Hark's New Dragon Inn cast. Polybona is said to be willing to pay Jet who earned no salary for Ocean Paradise a hefty US$12M fee. Zhou Xun, Chen Kun and Guei Lun-Mei have already been attached to the $300M yuan project. Donnie Yen is said to have turned down a role as he was busy and did not want to reprise his role. [And maybe a feud with Jet Li?] (21cn)
CRI: Jet Li Nets $12 Million for New Action Role

CRI: Cecilia Cheung, Tony Leung to Star in Chinese Version of 'The Illusionist'
The film, entitled "Da Moshu Shi" ("Great Magician"), is a story about two childhood sweethearts set during the early part of the twentieth century. Yee had intended to keep the film a secret until it was discovered by the Guangzhou Daily. Information about the film was found on the Web site of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT).
Tony Leung is set to play the role of the intelligent illusionist, while Cheung will play a concubine to a warlord.
Earlier Cecilia had attended actor-director Stephen Chow's CJ7 2 press conference and the two was reportedly discussing plans for a sequel to King of Comedy.

Zhang Jiabei's latest film, Midnight Hearbeat or Midnight Pulse, is inspired by classmateTakashi Miike's horror stylings. The film stars Simon Yam and Francis Ng. Currently in post-production in Japan after completion in February, the supporting cast also includes four rising female stars: Yao Di, Li Nian, Liu Yuxin and Yang Yuyu. A synopsis says the film is about bizarre murders in a hospital ICU. A September release is planned. (Sina), 2, 3 [Thanks, to V]
Francis Ng

Simon Yam plays a surgeon (Sina)
Midnight Pulse's Liu Yuxin

Li Nian

Feng also informed the press that pop diva Faye Wong sings the closing music for the film.
Local comedy Welcome to Shamatown made RMB22 million ($3.2 million) at the box office in China over six days after opening on 22 June.
The success of the debut film by Li Weiran confirms the marketability of actor Sun Honglei. Peter Lee's  romantic comedy My Fair Gentleman (aka Dirt Rich in Shanghai), also starring Sun, was a moderate hit last year grossing $3 million. Shamatown also stars Taiwan supermodel Lin Chi-ling.

Gillian Chung, Alex Fong Lik-Sun promote Fantastic Water Babes

Andy Lau heads to studio to begin shooting What Women Want 
(lit. I Know A Women's Heart)

Andy Lau and Hu Jing play husband and wife
Chen Daming directs

Charlene Choi featured in an advert for urban tree planting
Charlene denied reports her contract with Emperor had expired. She said that she is signed until she is 32 years old (2014) (Xinhua)

Angelababy performs facial massage for Biotherm
Angelababy says she feels Japan, Europe, Mainland China and Taiwan (so, anywhere but Hong Kong?) are safe places when quizzed about Fiona Sit's paparazzi underwear photos. (Sina)

Angelababy meet with fans and showed photos from her new photo album to prove that they are not vulgar.
She will be at Harbour City July 24 to promote the new book.

Theresa Fu will take to the shopping malls to promote her photo album since hers is among the books banned from the Book Fair by the TDC. (Sina)

Lynn Xiong/Hung Doi Lam's manager denied rumors by Ming Pao that hint that she is involved in the Chongqing hotel 'immoral transactions' scandal brewing. (Sina)

SG: Eason Chan: David Tao's album is not good enough
After the [Golden Melody] awards show, the disgruntled Eason was spotted having supper with fellow Hong Kong singer, Karen Mok, who also lost out to A-Mei on the Best Female Singer award.
While Karen tried covering up her disappointment when interviewed, Eason could hardly keep his discontentment to himself.

HKMDB is Back, Online

A few minor wrinkles to iron out but for all intents and purposes, it's back.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

HKMDB is Temporarily Offline


In case you've been wondering, the word, from Lao Ban Bob, is that HKMDB will return to public service within 24 hours.

World Cup - Photo of the Day



Chile and Slovakia were both eliminated today  yesterday.  Brazil looked dominating in beating Chile and, likewise, Netherlands had little difficulty in disposing of Slovakia earlier this morning. Things are beginning to shape up for an exciting final if the remaining favorites come through. I'm hoping for Brazil vs Argentina/Spain/Portugal.

This morning, Japan was eliminated by Paraguay after 120 minutes and the draw forced the teams into the  penalty kick phase. Scrappy Japan and Paraguay battled evenly through two regular periods and the two overtime periods. Paraguay led 3-2 in penalty kicks when Japan's next attempt struck the crossbar and failed to go in. Paraguay and Japan each scored in the fourth frame but when Paraguay added the fifth and final goal Japan was done for the day. Team Japan and its fans were visibly in tears in the aftermath.


Spain vs Portugal was everything fans expected the match to be. Spain played with well mounted attacks while Portugal showed flashes of offense. Spain's passes were crisp and sustained pressure on Portugal.Their play impressive. Portugal's keeper was compelled to make numerous saves and Spain missed opportunity after opportunity by only small margins. Finally Spain scored early in the second half. Late in the half Portugal played shorthanded when one of its player was tossed with a red card in a seeming non-event. Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo seemed of little note in this match. Final score, 1-0, Spain.

Dreams of Jinsha Town (Sand City) Posters

Dreams is time travelling animated film that aims for Miyazaki style visuals. A boy enters a time tunnel and travels to the ancient city of Jingsha, Chengdu.5 years in the making, the film is directed by Chen Deming from a script by Su Xiaohong and opens July 10.


6.29.2010 - News

City Under Siege poster
Film opens in Hong Kong Aug.12 (Sina)

THR: Daniel Wu hopes to export HK success to Hollywood
"I find that Americans still have a very big stereotype toward what Asians are, and I don't feel a need to perpetuate that stereotype. So when a good character comes along, I'm all for it. I'm ready. I'd be very open to it," Wu said.
Variety: Love in a Puff
A lighter-than-air yarn about two cheerful nicotine enthusiasts, Hong Kong romancer "Love in a Puff" is an unfiltered delight. Pang Ho-cheung gets the balance exactly right with this well-realized vehicle for Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue, which also plays like a poem to that most cinematic of vices, smoking.

CRI: "Shanghai"
Hollywood producer Mike Medavoy said that a good film should touch people emotionally. It was proved in his latest work "Shanghai".
Goofy treasure-hunting comedy is a cross between Crazy Stone and A Simple Noodle Story.

Taiwan musician Giong Lim held a press conference last week in Beijing to promote the background music for Jia Zhangke's "I Wish I Knew", a dedicated film for the Shanghai World Expo 2010. [hkmdb]
Liu Ye plays a well-off man who is bored with his married life until he bumps into his first love played by Gao Yuanyuan.
Liu Ye, Gao Yuanyuan

A press conference for the action thriller "Triple Tap" was held in Beijing on June 28th. (Sina)

Beijing premiere

Li Bingbing
In the film, Li portrays a manager at a financial company. When Yee was asked to describe Li in real life, he said Li was strong, but inside she was a tender woman. As soon as the voice faded, a tear came out of Li's eyes. "It's very touching that the director understands me," explained Li.

Unfortunately, "Triple Tap" could not capitalise on this intriguing premise. Yee made his big reveal somewhere in the middle of the film, completely shutting down the suspense of finding out what actually transpired during the robbery and who was behind it.

Cecilia Cheung - Shanghai
Cecilia will begin work on Derek Yee's film with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai in February.

Endorsement appearance

Stephen Fung - Fantastic Water Babes

Alex Fong Lik-Sun, Stephen Fung

Stephen Fung (Sina)

Alec Su (left), director Zhang Fanfan during a media visit to the set

Alec Su

Alec Su, Pace Wu

Pace Wu in character

The Hidden Chamber of Secrets, a mystery film about serial murders, stars Alec Su and Pace Wu is currently filming in Beijing. He plays a novelist, she plays his wife. The story of horror takes place within 24 hours in a locked house with 8 people. One by one they die. Zhang Fanfan directs the film scheduled to open Oct. 29. (Sina)

Fan Bingbing

Li Bingbing - Trends Health cover

Hong Kong celebrity Michelle Reis in the family way
Ex-Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis was seen coming out of the gynaecologist's office recently, leading to speculation that she was preparing to get pregnant, according to a report in U-Weekly.