Thursday, December 31, 2009

Emperor's 2010 Calendar


Nic Tse


Chapman To, Nick Cheung

Yumiko Cheng, Sherman Chung

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12.31.2009 - News

THR: Storm Warriors review
Bottom Line: A martial arts fantasy with advanced 3D effects and two-dimensional characters.

Betty Sun Li in Jeff Lau's Once Upon A Chinese Classic

Ronald Cheng (right) (Sina)

This Chinese so-called blockbuster easily wears the crown as the worst film of the year, with its cheap sets and amateurish action sequences and visual effects that rip off Western treasure-hunt flicks.

We cannot help but be cautious that China's film industry is repeating what destroyed Hong Kong's film industry in the late 1990s: blind investment, neglect of film quality and the quest for cash and competition. Hong Kong director and producer Tung-Shing Yee sighed at the premiere of Overheard, stating that the Hong Kong film industry was officially dead. Chinese filmmakers need to be on guard so that we too are not mourning the death of the Chinese film industry in a few years time.

Worst 10 Chinese films of 2009
1. Wind Warriors (feng yun 2)
2. Gasp (qi chuan xu xu)
3. Looking for Jackie (xun zhao cheng long)
4. On His Majesty's Secret Service (da nei mi tan ling ling gou)
5. My Fair Gentleman (yao tiao shen shi)
6. Radish Warrior (jue jiang de luo bo)
7. Copycat (dao ban mao)
8. Mulan (hua mu lan)
9. The Warrior and the Wolf (lang zai ji)
10. Wheat (mai tian)

Best 10 Chinese films of 2009
1. The Message (feng sheng)
2. Weaving Girl (fang zhi gu niang)
3. Sophie's Revenge (fei chang wan mei)
4. Bodyguards and Assassins (shi yue wei cheng)
5. Overheard (qie ting feng yun)
6. Red River (hong he)
7. The Founding of a Republic (jian guo da ye)
8. Cow (dou niu)
9. A Simple Noodle Story (san qiang pai an jing qi)
10. Gao Xing (gao xing)

Top 10 movies 2009
(A different list)

49-year old Cherie Chong was said to have walked out of her sadness of losing of her husband and is planning to marry a Singaporean businessman next year. However, Cherie personally denies to this issue with her best friend Sylvia Chang exclaiming that it's all a misunderstanding.

With the appearance of Mr L, her friends noted that her gloomy days are over. She has a smile across her face more regularly. However, being in love did not make her conscious of her weight and reporters claimed that she seemed at least 60kg.

Sammi Cheng and guest Gigi Leung share a kiss on stage

Sammi, Gigi

Sammi, Jacky Cheung

CRI: Edison Chen: Why Am I The Bad Guy?
Edison Chen accepted an interview with "GQ" magazine and mentioned about the sex scandal again.

Zhou Xun
Zhou Xun is on featured on the cover of France's Le Point (Viewpoint) which focuses 80 pages on China's rise as the new Asian power. Le Point is similar to the US Newsweek. (Sina)

Take a look at China's notable stars dressed in gorgeously vying Cheongsams and see who looks the best.

Anita Mui's brother mourned his sister's passing yesterday on the 6th anniversary of the singer's death. (Sina)

(Elsewhere James Cameron has been accused of plagiarizing from Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky and Totoro.)

Stool Pigeon - Wrap Ceremony


Liu Lai-Chi, Nick Cheung, Nic Tse

Kwai Lun-Mei

Liu Kai-Chi

Sherman Chung, Deep Ng

Lu Yi

More (Sina)

Once Upon a Chinese Classic - New Stills


Gigi Leung

Huang Yi

Huang Bo

Li Na

Yu Qian

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12.30.2009 - News


Future Cop Andy Lau performs a risky stunt with Buddha's head

Jacky Cheung keeps cool in Hot Summer Days (Sohu)

Chow Yun-Fat is in Taishan, Guangdong shooting Let The Bullets Fly (Sohu)

Beijing - Simon Yam, Li Yuchun

Tony Leung Kar-Fai

After less than two weeks, Bodyguards and Assassins has made over $208M at the box office. The cast held a celebration ceremony in Beijing. (Xinhua) (HunanTV)

First poster for House of 72 Tenants released (Sina)

Wang Lee-hom not first choice for role in 'Little Big Soldier'?

Emme Wong defends accusations thrown at Shawn Yue
Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue was recently accused of being "arrogant" by the Hong Kong media. He was said to have angered his teacher, Alan Tam, who has decided to groom his junior from the same management company, Gregory Wang, instead.

Huang Yi

Aaron Kwok

JJ Lin, Huang Yi and Aaron Kwok promote New Year's Eve festivities in Shanghai

Wei Minzhi has grown up!

Not One Less - Wei Minzhi
Wei Minzhi, who is now 23 and a film director, went to the United States as an exchange student. She studied film and TV production at Brigham Young University - Hawaii and is now fluent in English and even has an unidentified but prominent boyfriend. (HunanTV) Related article in English.

Flirting Scholar 2 - Press Conference at Hengdian


Natalis Chan in upcoming Flirting Scholar 2

Zhou Libo, Huang Xiaoming, Richie Ren, Natalis Chan

Zhang Jingchu (Xinhua)

Richie Ren

Huang Xiaoming

Zhang Jingchu

Zhou Libo

Director Lee Lik-Chi