Saturday, October 31, 2009

10.31.2009 - Movie News


Takeshi Kaneshiro has been invited to join the cast for the prequel to The Message. Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing and Zhou Xun are slated to return. (Sina)

Joan Chen riles S'pore film-makers
Joan, who rose to fame in The Last Emperor in 1987, said: “I love Singapore, life is great here, it’s clean, well-managed and well-run. The people are wonderful too...”
Then she added: “It’s just that, perhaps, the (film) industry isn’t ripe enough at the moment. It’s still in the process of development.
“I mean, Singapore is beautiful and orderly, it’s like a fairyland film set. You guys are really lucky that everything is so good here.
“But personally, I feel that art comes from dissent, not from contentment.”

Lam Kau

With Ti Lung at Mid Autumn Festival appearance with Hong Kong Performing Artists Guild

Forty foot leap launched movie career

So Ji-Sub, Zhang Ziyi

Store Openings Galore and Men With Tots


Lin Chi-Ling

Beijing - Lin Chi-Ling opens a new store at a ribbon cutting ceremony (Sina)

Zhou Xun on the hot seat for fire sparked by fireworks

Zhou Xun offered to compensate for damages caused by the fireworks (Sina)

Nic Tse, at an arts and film forum, admitted that wife Cecilia Cheung is two months pregnant but did not indicate that there were twins. (Sina) (2)

Stephen Fung

Stephen Fung visited an orphanage in Beijing and brought school supplies and basic necessities (Xinhua)

Gaile Lok

Lynn Xiong

Carina Lau

Dong Jie (Road Home er, Happy Times, remember her?)

Guo Jingjing, Olympic diver

Beijing handbag shop opening draws stars. Carina Lau denied that she had quit smoking for the sake of getting pregnant but rather for her health (Sina)

Jackie Chan and Liu Yifei open a watch store at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Beijing


Friday, October 30, 2009

Pop Stars and Pop Stop


Charlene Choi's increasing workload, is busy promoting an EP, readying for a concert, films, photos and promoting Neutrogena (Sina)

Angelababy promoting handset
Finished filming All's Well Ends Well 2010 at Hengdian and returning to Hong Kong (Sina)

Daniel Wu

Due to frequent leaks, Daniel doesn't keep real names or self-photos on his phone

Aaron Kwok visited Thailand earlier to get first hand look at children's education as UNICEF amabassador

Singer Chen Sisi visit Teresa Teng's final resting place in Taiwan (Sina)

Cherie Glorious Chung


Cherie Chung

Cherie Chung appearing at a skin care endorsement

Asked if she ever considered cosmetic surgery by reporters, Cherie said there is no such thing as 'old'. Cherie would like to travel to South America, Chile and Peru but no one will be her travel partner. Reportes then asked if she wants to find a new love via travel. She replied that she is slow to connect emotionally and travels not to seek the opposite sex. Reporters asked, her husband has passsed away two years now, is Cherie ready for a second spring? Love is important, Cherie goes on to say, but friends and family is also love. As to her husband's Bali project, it was her husband's dream but it is too painful for to return so she leaves it to the company to manage. She has not found a script to tempt her to make a comeback yet.

Latest Mulan Stills With Zhao Wei, Jaycee Chan


Jaycee declined using a stunt double
Latest stills show Zhao Wei and Jaycee Chan fighting (Sina)

Four Marshals - A few stills


Charlie Young

Duan Yihong, one of the marshals

Sina interviews

Director Gao Qunshu (Sina)

Yu Nan (Sina)

Francis Ng (Sina)

Charlie Young (Sina)