Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finding Mr. Right [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

Happy New Year!

This post is devoted to Tang Wei's latest project, "Finding Mr. Right" (literally "Beijing Meets in Seattle"). Tang Wei co-stars with Wu Xiubo, primarily a TV actor. It's a romantic comedy by director Xue Xiaolu.

Tang Wei plays Wen Jiajia the girlfriend of a rich boyfriend. Wu Xiubo is, Frank, a single father with a young daughter. Frank and Wen Jiajia accidentally meet on Christmas Eve after the boyfriend disappears leaving Jiajia in dire straits, i.e., without money. Frank looks after the Jiajia and then develops feelings for her. Later, Jiajia returns to China and gives birth to a child and renews her luxurious life when the boyfriend resurfaces and they marry But Jiajia misses Frank and becomes a single mother. Two years later, Frank and Jiajia have a romantic reunion in the United States. Sound much like "Sleepless in Seattle"? (

Below, a recently released concept poster and some promotional stills. Look for a March release.

Wu Xiubo

Cast and crew photo


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Unfortunately, I started 2013 with the flu, but hey -- at least I'm getting it out of the way!

This one looks like it could be pretty good. It's gotta be better than Speed Angels (which won't go near, despite really liking Tang Wei and Rene Liu).

dleedlee said...

First Late Autumn, now this. Seems Tang Wei likes filming in the Pacific Northwest.

I hope you get well soon.