Thursday, October 4, 2012

DJ Celia K [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

Submitting you to more madness and whimsy, wandering the weibo path:

DJ Celia K, aka Celia Kwok, fresh (as one can be when you star in a Cat. III film) from her stint in "Due West: Our (or is it My?) Sex Journey. Spinning the tunes and bringing down the hizzy...

Perhaps you recognize me, now?
Due West: Our Sex Journey, Celia Kwok, Justin Cheung

(Note the Due West poster in the lower left)

Co-star Justin Cheung lending his support in Guangzhou (above)

Richbaby Club in Guangzhou - Celia Kwok

Club lizard Sam Lee (aka DJBecareful) and Richbaby Club honcho

Wait, that's not right!

Sam Lee wishes himself a happy birthday (37, Sept. 27)

Simon Yam (!) with the Richbaby Club honcho

Celia K at an earlier gig

Oh yeah, Celia, Dada Chan, and Mei Mei (Annie Tsang), are part of the VooDoo Girls rep'd by Jacso a model and artist management agency

Celia Kwok, Mei Mei (Annie Tsang, "All's Well Ends Well 2011")

Dada Chan (Jasco)

Coming soon to Richbaby Club - DJane Zoloto, direct from Kiev, Ukraine 

If you want to make a really good show, you should invite a global star!
DJ ZOLOTO - is an international DJ, she played her explosive sets in many countries of Europe and Asia. In Ukraine, where lives 48 million people, this is the best girl DJ in style R’n’B & House. Lady Gold works in show business for 5 years, so her work - is a professional show. (Facebook)

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