Monday, October 8, 2012

More "Switch" Stills [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

Lau, Andy Lau !

Lin Chi-ling, Andy Lau

Lin Chi-ling

Andy Lau, Lin Chi-ling

Lin Chi-ling

Zhang Jingchu

Lin Chi-ling

Tong Dawei

Villain Tong Dawei, as a Japanese gangster, also has a dozen "witches" who do his evil bidding. The are dubbed his constellation with associated zodiac signs. And, surprise (no?), they have their own group weibo besides individual ones. Most are former/current Moko models, fitting the film's fashion-action film prism; one is a former child star, another a beauty pageant winner, one is noted for her resemblance to Lin Chi-ling - she seems to have done some adult modelling, also. (Sina)

A handy scorecard

Cherry Wang Kunpeng as Libra in action

Zou Na - Sagittarius

Scorpio, Alice Bahaguli gets her kicks


ewaffle said...

I imagine the distributors will stick with the November 2 release date--if for no other reason than every frame of the movie will have been released as a still image. They have been putting these out for (many) months--time to get it on the big screen.

dleedlee said...

A lot of money behind it, so a lot of money precedes it for publicity. :D

YTSL said...

Actually, from what I've heard, "Switch"'s release -- at least in Hong Kong -- has been postponed... Seems like most film distributors are wary of their films being released in the same week as "Skyfall" will open in the Big Lychee... :S

dleedlee said...

Thanks for the update !