Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hong Kong Films No More?

With a new Hong Kong film festival planned for Guangzhou, John Robertson asks how increasing collaboration with the mainland is changing the local film industry.

A movie prop or the real thing?
But paparazzi noticed a ring on his hand while shooting Fire Dragon, it's only a prop according to crew. When his old love, Shu Qi, was spotted at the Beijing airport after the Huabiao awards she avoided photographers and turned a deaf ear to reporters.

Chin Kar-Lok and Dante Lam

No word from Leon yet on the set of Fire Dragon

Vivian Hsu and Jackie Chan, guest hosts at the 13th Huabiao Film Awards
Vivian  Hsu
Zhang Ziyi - Outstanding Actress, Chen Kaige - Outstanding Director (Forever Enthralled)

Tao Hong at Montreal International Film Festival with her film Death Dowry

Beijing cinemas to issue coupons
Program to enourage propaganda movies

ONE of her latest music videos, Hei Chi Hei, has been banned in her own country.
But Taiwanese pop sensation, Zhang Huimei (A-mei) is making no apologies for the controversial video that features masochistic and sexual themes.

After a long hiatus, singer and former indie-rocker Candy Lo is gearing up for a new record. In the meantime, she’s been developing a fashion brand and has just released a book about love and life. She talks to June Ng about her journey from a public housing estate to fame and fortune.

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