Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Wedding News

A marriage registration dated March 2008 for the duo has been found at the same Clark County, Las Vegas site as the one where Andy Lau and Carol Chu's was found. Last March, Hong Kong "Oriental Daily" disclosed that Leon and Gaiie were married in the Maldives and spent one million Hong Kong dollars for the ceremony, but at that time both Leon and Gaile denied it. Now it seems that, if the certificate is true, they may have registered their wedding first in the Maldives.

Miriam Yeung is also reported to have recently married to her boyfriend of two years, Real Ting

Hong Kong media reported that Yu Ke-Hsin, Andy Lau's only publicly acknowledged girlfriend, revealed that she had a signed marriage certificate from 1985. In her book, Yu said that the certificate was witnessed by her mother. Yu's mother said that the certificate was a commitment to prove that they loved each other. She kept it as a sentimental memento, just like a fuzzy doll that Andy had given her, and though it is yellowed it still was a treasure.
According to Taiwan law, there must be two witnesses to have legal effect, so their marriage certificate is invalid.

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