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12.7.2011 - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

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FBA: Shaw finally set to retire
Sir Run Run Shaw, the 104 year-old Hong Kong media mogul is to retire at the end of the month from Television Broadcasts.

CRI: Former TVB Actor Wang Wei Passes away at 70
The Story of a Discharged Prisoner (1967)

As the introduction states, "A long courtship can't guarantee the lasting happiness of marriage. The point is to meet the right person at the right time."

CF: Promotional Posters of "Perfect Two" Out

Not to be outdone "The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D" is also moving up its release to Dec. 15., 2pm, 4 hours before the 6pm release of Zhang Yimou's "The Flowers of Wars". Stay tuned!

The "third tear" in Barbara Wong's "The Allure of Tears" featuring Shawn Dou Xiao and Joe Chen
Shawn Dou 

Joe Chen Chiao-En (Sina)

Teng Ge'er and Richie Jen play antagonists in "Tales of Two Cities"

The comedy involves a contest for gold treasure in the deserts of Northwest China and opens in late December. [Sounds a little bit like the Ning Hao-Huang Bo film, "A Big Gold Robbery"]

CF: China Canada Co-Production Initiative Opens World's Largest Market
Chinese film star buys St Emilion property
Chinese film star Zhao Wei has bought a St Emilion chateau for an undisclosed price.
Although the price Zhao paid for the 7ha Château Monlot has not been revealed, local property agents put it at between €4 and €5m.
'She is huge in China - the equivalent of Drew Barrymore,' one Chinese observer told

Wu Chun: Ekin Cheng is like a big brother
CNA: Aaron Kwok open to having children out of wedlock

A1: Pricked by a Rose thorn?
But as quickly as the sympathy came, it also vanished rapidly when more pictures emerged of Chan smiling during the supper high jinks.
MSN: Intimate photos of Joe Ma with a girl surface onlineTVB actor Joe Ma is caught in yet another scandal.
MSN: Faye Wong and Li Yapeng’s wedding photos surface

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