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Flowers of War / Flying Swords of Dragon Gate - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

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'Flowers of War': A dark fairy tale (
The film's look into the unspeakable acts at Nanjing will surely arouse deep emotions among viewers. But the true history of the massacre is even thicker, darker and more desperate that what will appear on the silver screen. Nonetheless, this film, with its depth, beauty and agony, could probably be Zhang's most successful blockbuster film in the past decade.
Flowers of War - War film chills Chinese audiences (Xinhua)
"I shivered at scenes of atrocious violence and maltreatment in the massacre," the 50-plus year old woman said. "I will not watch any film of its kind again."
Sexified Nanjing Massacre Turns Off Chinese Film Fans (Bloomberg)
Is it advisable to cast thirteen whores as the central characters and use the name "The Flowers Of War" to describe a signature event filled with national suffering?
Zhang Yimou simply cannot contain his flourish for sprightly colors.
CF: Professor Stirs Debate over Sexual Story Line
Published last Tuesday, Zhu's commentary raised questions of fairness, since the movie hadn't yet been presented nationally in cinemas. In answer to this, Zhu admitted that he hadn't seen the movie, but added that he drew his ideas from online posts and previews released by the film's producers.
CF:Does "Flowers" Deliver?
CF: 'Flowers of War' Grosses 150 Million RMB in Three Days
FBA: Flowers of War wins opening battle

CF: Zhang Yimou's Long Road Home (Boston Review)
The retrospective consideration of a filmmaker's work seems to demand a psychobiographical interpretation, even from those of us who have sworn off that practice. Such interpretation is particularly apt in the case of Chinese director Zhang Yimou, whose turbulent life has often matched the melodrama of his films.

NYTimes review:A Shady American in the Nanjing Massacre

CRI: Zhang Yimou to Bring 'Flowers of War' to Berlin

THR: Jet Li's 'Flying Swords of Dragon Gate' Debut in China Draws $2.5 million on Imax Screens
The opening weekend performance of the 3D martial arts picture in 59 theaters included a per-screen average of $42,400.
Tsui Hark's 'Dragon Gate' a visual feast
A truly original 3D IMAX Kung Fu movie from Hong Kong film wizard Tsui Hark is set to blow "Kung Fu Panda" out of the water.

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