Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Michelle Yeoh Engaged [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

This post was produced by Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver:

Appearing at a ribbon-cutting for Dior in Causeway Bay yesterday, Michelle Yeoh happily showed off her engagement ring. Because of travel to film festivals around the world the past three months, Michelle was glad to be invited back home to Hong Kong. With a still busy schedule, she said an official announcement of her engagement would be made later in April. Guei Lun-Mei also attended the ceremony. Since she wore her hairhort and masculine, Lun-Mei deliberately wore a sexy dress. She said that she had no special Christmas plans or dates (with boys). Lun-Mei smiled and asked "Are you inviting me?"

Michelle Yeoh bussed

Baubles, bangles, bracelets, and scissors


Guei Lun-Mei




Anonymous said...

Oh, Michelle, so much botox : (

dleedlee said...

I mentioned it back here, in October but no one else agreed with me.

Anonymous said...

We were all too appalled