Sunday, July 15, 2012

7.15.2012 - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

FBA: The Allure of Tears review
Embarrassingly arch collection of love stories that slightly improves later on.
Generic but excellently packaged kid's movie is smoothly entertaining.
ChinaPost: Painted Skin: The Resurrection review

CF: Jackie Chan Takes "CZ 12" to San Deigo Comic-Con

ChinaDaily: The pig that dares to dream
The best-loved pig in Hong Kong is called McDull. His mom makes a wish that he will look likeChow Yun-fat or Tony Leung, two movie heartthrobs, but he is distinguished only by abirthmark around his right eye.
CF: "Good-for-Nothing Heros" Releases New Poster
CF: Peter Chan Takes Inspiration from New Oriental
Director Peter Chan is taking to the big screen with the story behind the New Oriental company, the first Chinese educational institution to enter the New York Stock Exchange.
A selling point for the film has largely been the cooperation between Chow Yun-fat and Huang Xiaoming. Chow made his name in 1980 for his role in the hit TV series "The Bund", and Huang took over the role in a 2007 remake.

MSN: Andy Lau wants the best for his daughter
Andy has also decided on an English name for Xing Hui, choosing 'Hanna' as it means "elegant and joyful goddess" in old English.
MSN: Gillian Chung spotted having dinner with Kenji Wu
The Hong Kong singer denied dating rumours and speculations of her venturing into the Taiwanese music scene
The mother of two hints on her micro-blog that she may not be expecting twins after all
MSN: Stephen Chow under fire for keeping mum over Jacqueline Law’s passing
The actor, who had reportedly dated the late actress, has maintained his silence ever since she died of cancer
Liu Chee Ming, her husband, has shared that Jacqueline's final resting place has not been finalised. He has expressed that he is considering converting her ashes into a diamond pendant so as to be able to keep her by his side.
MSN: Nicky Wu’s drama extras rumoured to have been brutally murdered
Heng Dian World Studios in China is a hotspot for the production of period dramas, with Nicky Wu currently working on Legend of the White-Haired Maiden at the location. In recent days, shocking rumours about alleged murders near the vicinity have surfaced.
SGYahoo: "You Are the Apple of My Eye" star criticised for praising Japan
Taiwanese star Ko Chen-Tung has outraged Chinese Netizens for posting what the Netizens claim to be a supportive post towards Japan.

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