Friday, July 27, 2012

7.27.2012 - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

FBA: Flying with You review
Fluffy Chinese vehicle for South Korean actress-singer Jang Na-ra is for addicts only.

CF: Final Poster of "The Silent War" Released
A final poster for the spy-themed film "The Silent War" was released today before the movie hits mainland screens on August 10
After setting a new box office record with a total of 685 million yuan (US$ 107.1 million), the production side of the movie "Painted Skin 2" held a celebration party yesterday in Shanghai [on a luxury cruise ship].
Zhao Wei

Celebrating RMB$700M take at the box office

CF: "Switch" Set for Release on November 2
With an investment of over 160 million yuan (about US$26 million), the movie was originally set to be released during the National Day Holiday slot. According to Zhang, in order to set aside enough time for the 3D effect team, they had postponed the movie's release to November.

Stephen Fung's "Tai Chi 0" will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival August 31. Angelababy and Eddie Peng will help to promote in Venice according to reports.

Angelababy (Sina), 2

Martial arts flick "The Four" kicked out "Painted Skin: The Resurrection" to sit in the top spot with a surprisingly $11.13 million in its second week of release for a two-week total of $24.16 million. "Painted Skin: The Resurrection" ended its fourth week of release to number two of the boxoffice chart, adding $9.13 million for a total of $109.15 million. Those figures put "Painted Skin: The Resurrection" officially to become the highest grossing domestic movie at all time, taking the boxoffice record from "Let the Bullet Fly" (2010), which grossed a total of $101.37 million in mainland China.

The 135-minute film features a gang of South Korean thieves who team up with a Hong Kong crew to steal a diamond necklace from a heavily-guarded casino safe in Macau. As the cops close in, old betrayals — and misunderstandings — resurface.
"The Thieves" poster (Sina)
Yahoo: Suit filed over 'Expendables 2' stuntman's death
Kun Liu was killed during a stunt in Bulgaria in October 2011 while performing in a rubber boat on Ognyanovo dam, just outside the capital, Sofia. He died after suffering wounds from a nearby explosion.
Original posts: 10.28.2011, 10.31.2011 

Cecilia Cheung in a series of stills modeling costume and on set for Joe Ma's "Lion Roars 2". Opening Aug. 17.
Cecilia Cheung

"Meet the In-Laws" stars Xu Zheng, Lin Peng and Hui Siu-Hung and opens Aug. 7

Lin Peng, Hui Siu-Hung, Xu Zheng

Hui Siu-Hung, Lin Peng, Xu Zheng

Hui Siu-Hung, Xu Zheng 

Trailer, frankly a little uninspiring

"Good-for-Nothing Heros" 

Still with Kimi Qiao Renliang, Lam Suet reflects the original title, "Island Paradise" (Sina), 2

"Good-for-Nothing Heros" teaser and trailer

Tang Wei receiving an award for Most Popular Actress at the 2012 First Youth Film Festival

Johnnie To, Keanu Reeves, Lisa S and Rosemary were among the stars on hand to help launch a new international movie channel in Hong Kong.

Lisa S.

MSN: Cecilia Cheung: “I’m calmly dealing with my divorce”
Asked what she thought of being dubbed 'Box Office Poison' after her recent films bombed at the box office, the actress said, "As an actress, as long as I do my part and work hard to showcase myself, ticket sales are not the most important."
MSN: Liu Yan denies causing Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong’s breakup


Walter said...

I'm glad Tang Wei won that award, especially since many people blasted her for being in "Lust Caution".

I've not seen any of Cecilia's recent movies, but I certainly wouldn't call her "Box Office Poison".

dleedlee said...

I think the reviews of her recent movies have been pretty lukewarm. The general impression I have is that she's only doing it for the (big) paychecks.

It also doesn't help Ceci's reputation that she limits her appearances to promote her films and doesn't bother to dub her own dialogue. Just feels like a lack of commitment to the projects.