Monday, July 9, 2012

A Crushing Defeat for Chinese Films [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

A hot Chinese film, "Painted Skin 2", has a box office intake at 300 million yuan (approx. US$47million) within only four days, which encouraged China's film industry. However, a fact can't be neglected is that domestic films have experienced a crushing defeat in the first half of 2012... (ChinaOrg)

Top ten Chinese films suffering the most losses (name/cost/box office)

1, The Viral Factor / 200 milliion yuan (approx US $ 31million )/131 million yuan(approx US $20 million)

2, All's Well Ends Well /75 million yuan/80 million yuan

3, An Inaccurate Memoir /20 milliion yuan /26 million yuan

4, Scheme with Me/nearly 30 million/23 million yuan

5, Shadows of Love/ tens of millions yuan/18 million yuan

6, Fairy Tale Killer/ tens of million yuan/17 million yuan

7, Warriors of the Rainbow: Seedio Bale/ 160 million yuan/14.75 million yuan

8, Inseparable /42 million yuan/9million yuan

9, Joyful Reunion /10 million yuan/4.7 million yuan

10, 11 Flowers/ nearly 10 million yuan/ 4.7million yuan

Note: In China, 1 yuan(US$0.15) investment need a 2.5 yuan(US$0.3)box office revenue to reach a break-even.

Top Ten Chinese films made profits (name/cost/box office)

1, Painted Skin 2/ 120 million yuan/300 million yuan

2, Mission Incredible: Adventures On The Dragon's Trail/12 million yuan/164 million yuan

3, Guns and Roses/ 50 million yuan/154 million yuan

4, I Do / 30 milliion yuan/83 million yuan

5, You Are the Apple of My Eye/nearly 10 million yuan/78 million yuan

6, Love in the Buff/20 million yuan/73 million yuan

7, A Simple Life (Sister Peach)/12 million yuan/71 million yuan

8, The Monkey King 3D/10 million yuan/50 million yuan

9, Blood Stained Shoes/6.5 million yuan/45 million yuan

10, Bixian Panic/ several millions yuan/24 million yuan

CF Hong Kong Box Office Soars by 19% in First Half of 2012

Hong Kong Top Ten Box Office (Jan 1 – June 30)

Title (Release date) US$ (HK$)

1.The Avengers (26/04/2012) $12.45m (HK$96.58m)

2.Men In Black 3 (24/05/2012) $5.69m (HK$44.11m)

3.Journey 2: Mysterious Island (19/01/2012) $4.54m (HK$35.22m)

4.Love In The Buff (29/03/2012) $3.61m (HK$27.97m)

5.A Simple Life (09/03/2012) $3.58m (HK$27.78m)

6.Prometheus (07/06/2012) $3.40m (HK$26.34m)

7.Viral Factor (21/01/2012) $2.86m (HK$22.21m)

8.The Hunger Games (22/03/2012) $2.63m (HK$20.39m)

9.Battleship (12/04/2012) $2.49m (HK$19.32m)

10.I Love Hong Kong 2012 (20/01/2012) $2.47m (HK$19.13m)

China Top Ten Box Office (Jan 1-June 30, 2012)

1.Titanic 3D – $153.46m (RMB976m)

2.Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – $106.7m (RMB678.9m)

3.The Avengers – $90.41m (RMB575m)

4.Men In Black 3 – $88.05m (RMB560m)*

5.Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – $60.85m (RMB387.33m)

6.Battleship – $50m (RMB318m)

7.John Carter – $40.8m (RMB259.5m)

8.Sherlock Holms: A Game Of Shadows – $29.31m (RMB186.43m)

9.The Great Magician – $27.32m (RMB173.77m)

10.Mission Incredible: Adventures On The Dragon's Trail – $25.9m (RMB164.73m)


~Chow Wo Man~ said...

I want to see most or all of these movies. The problem is... how! Wait until they come out on DVD? I know of no place to see them here in the US.

I like movies with good stories, American films lack. It's 3D action or weird werewolf vampire stuff.

dleedlee said...

I know what you mean. A lot of these will come out on DVD, if belatedly. If you live in one of the major 'China Lion cities', e.g., SF, NYC, LA you'll have a chance with the bigger titles. Also with Wanda Group acquiring them, I'm hoping that more AMC theatres will offer some Chinese fare.

The tech savvy have streaming and other options but it's beyond me. :/