Monday, August 31, 2009

More From the 13th Huabiao Awards - Jackie Chan, Shu Qi, Stephen Chow


Shu Qi accepting her award

With her If You Are the One costar Ge You
With directors Feng Xiaogang and Andrew Lau

John Woo, Outstanding Overseas Director for Red Cliff
Outstanding Directors - Chen Kaige (Forever Enthralled/Mei Lanfang), Feng Xiaogang (Assembly)

China Daily: Huabiao awards ceremony held in Beijing
Most of the important awards were shared by multiple winners. Chen Kaige, the director of "Forever Enthralled" and Feng Xiaogang, director of "The Assembly," won the best director award. Zhang Hanyu ("The Assembly") and Guo Jinglin ("Yuan Longping") won the best actor award, while the best actress award went to Zhang Ziyi ("Forever Enthralled") and Fan Zhibo ("Emergency").
This year for the first time, awards were given to Chinese filmmakers based outside the mainland. Director John Woo was honored as the best overseas-based Chinese director for the war epic "Red Cliff." Donnie Yen and Shu Qi received the best overseas-based Chinese actor and actress awards, respectively...

The Warrior and The Wolf - Tian Zhuangzhuang's latest film

Joe Odagiri
Maggie Q
Premieres at Toronto International Film Festival on the 13th of next month. Scheduled for a December release, the film is described as a Japanese Liao Zhai story full of exotic colors and magic visual effects. Tang Wei was originally cast in the female role but was replaced by Maggie Q.

Dirt Rich in Shanghai

The torture-porn genre gets its first wannabe art movie with "Meat Grinder," a kind of femme-driven hybrid of "Sweeney Todd" and "Bun Man" set in the old back alleys of 1970s Bangkok...Imagine Joerg Buttgereit's early movies remade by Wong Kar Wai and you're halfway there...

Shing's 91 year-old mother has not been told the news of his death yet to spare her the blow. His young son also does not accept that his father has passed and has been crying day and night.

Josie Ho is reportedly pregnant. Her father, 'gambling king' Stanley Ho remains unconscious in the hospital.

Kelly Lin and Sun Honglei star in Lee Gui-Yuen's urban, romantic comedy Dirt Rich in Shanghai/My Fair Gentleman. Film opens Sept. 28 and costars Hung Hsiao-ling/Hong Xiaoling It is produced by John Woo, Michelle Yeoh and Terence Chang.

Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun adopts medieval look for Bazaar Jewelry magazine photos

Gaile Lok aka Lai tai tai
Supermodel confirms marriage to Leon Lai at endorsement event

Leon Lai and Gaile married for over a year already
Singer-actress Miriam Yeung also admits marriage
Two more HK celebrity secret marriages come to light
Another secret marriage has not been discovered yet according to Peter Lam. Lam, who is also Lai’s boss, revealed to the Hong Kong media that another of his artistes has been hitched too. "Our company has another big star who has married. You may wish to check."

On set of Fire Dragon, Michelle Ye and Richie Ren still in the dark about Leon Lai

Miriam Yeung
Bibi Zhou
Joey Yung
Stars attend Solar Project 2009 event
Miriam Yeung drew the most attention attended by Joey Yung, Hins Cheung, and others

Shu Qi
Shu Qi, 2009 Golden Horse Ambassador, recently shot an MV to promote the event

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hong Kong Films No More?

With a new Hong Kong film festival planned for Guangzhou, John Robertson asks how increasing collaboration with the mainland is changing the local film industry.

A movie prop or the real thing?
But paparazzi noticed a ring on his hand while shooting Fire Dragon, it's only a prop according to crew. When his old love, Shu Qi, was spotted at the Beijing airport after the Huabiao awards she avoided photographers and turned a deaf ear to reporters.

Chin Kar-Lok and Dante Lam

No word from Leon yet on the set of Fire Dragon

Vivian Hsu and Jackie Chan, guest hosts at the 13th Huabiao Film Awards
Vivian  Hsu
Zhang Ziyi - Outstanding Actress, Chen Kaige - Outstanding Director (Forever Enthralled)

Tao Hong at Montreal International Film Festival with her film Death Dowry

Beijing cinemas to issue coupons
Program to enourage propaganda movies

ONE of her latest music videos, Hei Chi Hei, has been banned in her own country.
But Taiwanese pop sensation, Zhang Huimei (A-mei) is making no apologies for the controversial video that features masochistic and sexual themes.

After a long hiatus, singer and former indie-rocker Candy Lo is gearing up for a new record. In the meantime, she’s been developing a fashion brand and has just released a book about love and life. She talks to June Ng about her journey from a public housing estate to fame and fortune.

It's raining marriage certificates


Miriam Yeung and Real Ting's marriage certificate

Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau says he quietly got married but did not announce it because he wanted to protect his wife while they tried to have a baby.

 "Farewell My Concubine" director Chen Kaige, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" star Zhang Ziyi and director John Woo were among the filmmakers honored at China's government-organized Huabiao film awards in Beijing.

Eric Tsang

Michael Tse

Turning Point cast attend benefit screening for typhoon relief fund. Eric Tsang rushed to Big Silly's hospital bedside when Alan Tam called him and told him his health had deteriorated.

Angie Chiu and husband, Melvin Wong

SCMP:  How to spend only $100 in Hong Kong

Red Carpet - 13th Huibiao Film Awards, Beijing

Li Bingbing
Nick Cheung
Lin Chi-Ling
Carina Lau
Pan Yueming and Dong Jie
Shu Qi
More photos

Donnie Yen and Shu Qi won the awards for Best (non-Mainland) Actor and Actress for Ip Man and You Are the One. Yen agreed to media requests to call his wife in Hong Kong on the spot to tell her the good news. Unfortunately, he forgot her number and kept getting wrong numbers. Finally, Yen got through and the media had a big laugh. Shu Qi was asked, "Donnie Yen called his wife, how about you?" To which, Shu Qi cleverly replied, "I'll call my husband."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Wedding News


A marriage registration dated March 2008 for the duo has been found at the same Clark County, Las Vegas site as the one where Andy Lau and Carol Chu's was found. Last March, Hong Kong "Oriental Daily" disclosed that Leon and Gaiie were married in the Maldives and spent one million Hong Kong dollars for the ceremony, but at that time both Leon and Gaile denied it. Now it seems that, if the certificate is true, they may have registered their wedding first in the Maldives.

Miriam Yeung is also reported to have recently married to her boyfriend of two years, Real Ting

Hong Kong media reported that Yu Ke-Hsin, Andy Lau's only publicly acknowledged girlfriend, revealed that she had a signed marriage certificate from 1985. In her book, Yu said that the certificate was witnessed by her mother. Yu's mother said that the certificate was a commitment to prove that they loved each other. She kept it as a sentimental memento, just like a fuzzy doll that Andy had given her, and though it is yellowed it still was a treasure.
According to Taiwan law, there must be two witnesses to have legal effect, so their marriage certificate is invalid.