Friday, April 30, 2010

Once a Gangster - Stills


Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan

Ekin Cheng

Jordan Chan

Ekin Cheng, Candice Yu On-On


4.30.2010 - News


Charlene Choi
Li Bingbing
New Triple Tap posters feature Charlene Choi and Li Bingbing

Taipei Times: Ip Man 2
Taipei Times: Let the Wind Carry Me (documentary)
Mark Ping-bing Lee's unique sensibility has shaped the look of Taiwanese cinema for more than two decades. Now he finds himself on the other end of the camera.
THR: Dream Home
Bottom Line: A satire on real estate speculation crossed with a slasher film that drowns any social relevance in pools of blood and entrails.

CRI: "Ma Wen's Battle" Releases Trailer
This film touches on the complex and twisted relationships between husband and wife, ex-couple and even parents and children. Strange and awkward situations fueled by these difficult relationships make up this urban family dark comedy.
Taiwan director Ang Lee wants to shoot Canadian writer Yann Martel's renowned novel "Life of Pi" in 3D. Filming is set to begin this August, reports.
CRI: Shanghai Int'l Film Festival Releases Poster

Nicholas Tse offered 10million yuan movie deal

Shu Qi has indeed dropped out of Feng Xiaogang's sequel to If You Are the One due to a schedule conflict with Andrew Lau's Beautiful Life. (HunanTV)
Guo Degang - Three Smiles

Yao Di

The Love of Three Smiles opens May 7. (Sina)

Daneil Lam, Ekin Cheng, Elanne Kwong
Producer Daneil Lam Siu-Ming invested in a beauty company in Jordan

Vivian Hsu shooting a body gel advert on the streets of Hong Kong

Steel Piano (Gang De Qin)

'Steel Piano' (or 'Steel Guitar')[The Piano in a Factory] is a black comedy set in the industrial northeast of Anshan during the '90s and tells the story of a laid-off steel worker who tries to keep his daughter's hard work and dream alive. With the help of friends he builds a piano (zither) for his daughter. It is a simple story showing the humor and hardships of ordinary people showing moving affection and friendship. Produced by My Sassy Girl director Kwak Jae-Yong and directed by Zhang Meng, the film stars Qin Hailu, Wang Qianyuan and South Korean actress Jang Shin-Yeong.

Qin Hailu

Wang Qianyuan

Director Zhang Meng

Zhang Meng, Qin Hailu

Jang Shin-Yeong, Wang Qianyuan

Producer Kwak Jae-Yong, Zhang Meng

Wang Qianyuan

Wang Qianyuan, Qin Hailu

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cherie Chung and Lynn Xiong Attend Dior Event


Cherie Chung appearing at a Dior Couture exhibition

Reporters noticed her sunburn and she revealed that she often swam in the sun. Cherie joked and asked the paparazzi not to surprise her.

Lynn Xiong



Maggie Cheung UNICEF Ambassador

(Apr.29) Maggie Cheung was appointed UNICEF Ambassador in Beijing. Maggie will use her popularity and influence to improve the lives of poor children in China. After the ceremony, Maggie quickly left and avoided the press.
UNICEF ambassadors are from the arts, entertainment, sports or other areas of prominent public figures. They are interested in public welfare of children, committed to raising public awareness of children's issues, working with children for more extensive support. [Update] (CRI)

Maggie Cheung

Li Bingbing - Hotspot Magazine

Li Bingbing is featured in a special Shanghai World Expo edition of Hotspot. She is one of the Shanghai World Expo 2010 Charity Ambassadors. Her particular interests in the expo are evironmental technology and  resource recycling technology.

Li Bingbing