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Why Huang Yi Missed the Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011 Press Conference

During the media set visit to Jeff Lau's Eagle Shooting Heroes 2011 in Guangdong, Huang Yi suffered from non-stop coughing and sudden nosebleeds, the effects of altitude sickness and overwork. Huang Yi did not attend the afternoon press conference introducing the actors. Instead, the press was told that Huang Yi had to leave to take a long and circuitous route back to the set in mountainous Yunnan. Her busy schedule recently included appearances at the Beijing International Film Festival, the Shanghai International Auto Show besides recently filming 3 days on Johnnie To's High Altitude Romance in Yunnan. As a result, Huang Yi is currently resting according to her assistant. She told fans not to worry. Earlier this year, Michelle Ye collapsed at a press conference for The Founding of a Party. In recent years, you may recall that Charlene Choi has complained of her busy work schedule and in January she fainted at the Shanghai airport.

I always marvel at how these celebrities manage to keep in the public eye, seemingly daily, and then you read about these incidents. (yule)(Xinhua), (qq), (Sina)

[All the dates are approximate, following the mainland press practice of dropping the When.] ;D

Eason Chan, Karen Mok, Huang Yi at the media set visit (Apr.27)

Group photo sans Huang Yi (Sina-gallery)

Huang Yi in Shangri-La (Apr.26)

Beijing (Apr.23)

Shanghai Auto Show (Apr.19 or 20) (Sina)

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Tan Jing's Mountain of a Dress

[Updated and corrected] Upon further review, and research, the singer is determined to be Tan Jing (谭晶) not Huang Yi as originally reported. The perils of trying to decipher weibo posts! Anyway, still a great dress. :D

Tan Jing performed the grand finale at a concert by the Song and Dance Troupe of the PLA General Political Department in Beijing. Photos from her stylist's weibo. Her bio is here, and cached.

Back view

Huang Yi in Shangri-La

On location for Johnnie To's High Altitude Romance.

A few from her Weibo

With Wilfred Lau


4.29.2011 - News

First, "Yam bui" to Wills and Kate!

Charismatic Donnie Yen is a 'legend' in his own right
The American theatrical distributor, Variance Films, proudly points out that “Legend of the Fist” is presented as the original Hong Kong version, with no missing footage, no Western-music soundtrack substitutions, and with subtitles instead of dubbed dialogue.
“Legend of the Fist” takes its story and setting from history, but it embellishes facts with magnificent action sequences.

CRI: Beijing International Film Festival Ends in Success
Chinese film authorities called the inaugural Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) a great success at a press conference ahead of the closing ceremony on Thursday night.

CF: Latest Stills of "The Secret Fan"
A love story that spans time and space
Li Bingbing

High-profile new romance flick Xingfu E'du (Love On Credit), directed by upcoming young Taiwanese director Leste Chen and starring an A-list cast including Taiwanese model-turned-actress Lin Chiling, Chen Kun and Liao Fan, held a kick-off press conference Wednesday in Beijing.
CF: "Welcome to Shama Town" to Open Far East Int'l Film Festival

Chapman To's review of 3D Sex and Zen (Thanks, to Dave for passing me this.)
Most of us who went to see 3D Sex and Zen are horny little bastards, not necrophillic sadist freaks! If you find any dude still pitching a tent after watching these scenes in the theater, I suggest you get up and leave. He may be dangerous.

Wong Jing is planning a comedic version of The Founding of a Republic for the Lunar New Year. Called "Married to a 100 Men", the film will gather dozens of well-known comedians and first line stars. (Sina)

Andrew Lau - Guangzhou

A Beautiful Life played to a preview audience and the sad film left many audience members in tears. Already, Shu Qi's performance has been anticipated for a Best Actress award next year according to Shu Qi's former manager Manfred Wong. Lau said that because of her life experiences, Shu Qi was able to reveal the emotional truth in the film and depict the wandering and loneliness of her character. One scene in the alley required her to cry for 6 minutes. It has to be shot 3 times, so Shu Qi had to cry for 18 minutes. Lau revealed that Sun Honglei was originally planned for Liu Ye's role but he was unavailable due to working on The Warring States. Liu Ye was selected because his personality was the closest to matching. Hu Jun was tender enough but too tall, Huang Xiaoming was deemed too small and like a brother. Anthony Wong was responsible for maintaining comedy in the film. The viewing press thought the ending too abrupt. (Sina), 2

Wilson Yip

Liu Yifei

Lin Peng, Liu Yifei, Kara Hui, Li Jing

A Chinese Ghost Story/A Chinese Fairy Tale held a press conference to celebrate reaching 100 million yuan box office in Beijing yesterday. (Xinhua) (Sina-gallery)

Latest photos of Gaile Lok dispels pregnancy rumours.

Rosamund Kwan in Chengdu
50 year-old Rosamund Kwan answered all questions while appearing for an optical brand. Only 16 years-old when she entered into a "flash marriage", she was asked whether she would again. Earlier, Rosamund was spotted in Paris with longtime boyfriend, a Taiwan businessman. Rosamund said that she hoped to marry, flash is okay. But marriage is a serious matter and must consider many things.  She said she often secretly came to Chengdu to stroll, eat and play. Asked whether she would make another film, Rosamund said she had no impulse at the moment so she's taken a short break but had not quit. But if old boyfriend Andy Lau invited her, she would certainly consider it. (Xinhua), (Sina)

Patrick Tse was spotted shopping for his beloved silver jewelry in Central. Rarely seen without sunglasses, he took off his sunglasses to inspect closer before he was snapped by photogs. Coming out of the shop later, Patrick mischievously threatened to beat the reporters. (Xinhua)

Weddings past and future
“The lotus root breaks but its fibers remain joined together."
The Taiwanese actress however, denied it was a shotgun marriage

Cecilia Cheung spends S$24 million on new property
The Hong Kong actress makes her money work hard for her
Just a photo of Ceci by Chapman To

Raymond Lam Fung's impossibly busty ex-girlfriend Mavis Pan Shuang Shuang, looks set to complement the July release of her pictorial book with a TV role in a Mainland Chinese series, reported Apple Daily.

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