Wednesday, September 30, 2009

'Informed sources' report that Zhang Ziyi has indeed been retained to play Tony Leung's wife in Wong Kar-Wai's First Generation Master. Zhang Ziyi, through her manager, denied the rumor yesterday. Elsewhere, it's been reported that Wong Kar-Wai is under a lot of pressure as Ip Man was a big box office success and will now compete against Ip Man 2. The casting of Zhang Ziyi is viewed as a counterstrike. Ip Man's son was asked about the pair, he said, 'Both Lynn Xiong and Zhang Ziyi are very thin. My mother was similiar in build (?). I have not seen Zhang Ziyi's acting but Lynn Xiong in Ip Man was pretty good.'
Brigitte Lin reportedly turned down a role because it was not tailor-made for her. Chang Chen is said to play Bruce Lee. Filming is now slated to commence in November.

Barbie Hsu and Nic Tse
Nic and Barbie shoot a special effects scene in the studio for Hot Summer Days. Today, Nic is flying to Beijing to perform in the National Day celebration. (

Mike He, Li Xiaolu
Alfred Cheung's new film 7 Days To Fall in Love With You opens Nov.3. Lead actress Li Xiaolu recommends spending the National Day Holiday to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend. (

Would you give love a second chance? In his fifth feature "A Good Rain Knows," (aka Season of Good Rain) melodrama maestro Hur Jin-ho says "yes," orchestrating another romance that seeps into the viewers' hearts with a graceful andante tempo.

Korea Times: Jang Dong-kun makes a comeback onscreen as a character not unlike himself ― an eligible bachelor ― in ``Good Morning President.''

NYTimes: Indie Filmmakers: China’s New Guerrillas
Like independent filmmakers everywhere, Mr. Zhao worked with no guarantee of an audience, or even a place to show his work. By his estimates only a few thousand people have seen “Ghost Town” in China since he finished it last year. Several hundred more are scheduled to see it Sunday afternoon when the film has its international premiere at the New York Film Festival.

Ang Lee says he's baffled by 'Woodstock' results

The Message hits theaters for National Day
The movie was directed by Gao Qunshu from the mainland and Chen Kuofu from Taiwan. According to Chen, the movie was filmed to tell the destinies of people involved in China's Anti-Japanese Aggression War (1937-1945)...
The plot of the film was inspired after a murder mystery game, in which one tries to guess who is “killing” the others in the group. However, the film is more solemn than the game, as heroes and heroines in the movie are tortured both physically and spiritually in a bid to fulfill their purposes.


Shu Qi !

Shu Qi loves facial beauty products but unscrupulous operators who fancy her white skin have claimed that she uses their brand of freckle cream to attain such perfect skin.
Shu Qi's agent has threatened to use a lawyer to sue the Mainland face cream brand making such claims. The small, well-known brand is using a fake Shu Qi to promote a freckle-removing cream. Internet users have discovered that Shu Qi does not endorse it. And online users have complained about the efficacy of the product. The real Shu Qi has used similar cream products in the past but has never endorsed the brand. (

Karen Mok

Karen Mok is in Beijing to perform a song from her new album for the Mid Autumn Festival Concert at the Olympic Water Cube. (

Ekin Cheng
Ekin Cheng and Sony Music held a press conference to officially mark his return to the music scene. (

Michelle Reis and PSP Go, but baby no go!

Michelle Reis has shelved current family planning activities. She said rumors of her taking the IVF route are not true. (

Gaile Lok - Missoni


Kelly Chen Has Mooncakes


Kelly Chen brought mooncakes to the elderly at a Yau Ma Tei community center yesterday. (

Where Was Zhang Ziyi?


One noticeable absence from the recent Bejing charity auction was Zhang Ziyi. These photos might help explain why. Back during Rush Hour when Zhang was a newcomer, she and Jackie were close, very close. Since then, Zhang is now a big star and she may be embarrassed by her old connection to Jackie. (

Ten Reasons Why The Message Is Worth A Look


Ten reasons why The Message is worth a look:

1. Huayi Brothers has invested heavily into the film. Strong cast of Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, Zhang Hanyu; and excellent supporting cast: Wang Zhiwen, Duan Yihong, Alec Su
2. Acting contest features Zhou Xun vs Li Bingbing offers a direct comparison.
3. Huang Xiaoming, Zhang Hanyu and Alec Su strive for break out performances playing against their stereotypical roles.
4. Alec Su performace almost as exceptional as Li Bingbing performing naked.
5. Supporting actors are all big names, even though their roles are small.
6. Feng Xiaogang is the producer. Though he did not personally direct the film, his name behind the film is a sure drawing card.
7. Cruel instruments of torture used. While inhumane and despicable in the real world, this should attract audiences especially the male audience.
8. The film has tense atmosphere of psychological depression and a suspenseful plot.
9. A TV drama from the same source novel has drawn high ratings so their is interest in comparison and whether the film can exceed it.
10.The dialogue contains a lot of classic lines that are sure to become popular catchphrases and buzzwords.

Aaron Kwok rehearses for National Day show

How does he do that?

Vivian Chow

New advert photos

Tony Leung

Almost ready to begin shooting WKW's First Generation Master (

At an appeance for The Founding of a Republic in Shaanxi, Director Huang Jianxin said that the first cut was 3 hours and 27 minutes long but he had to edit it down to 2 hours. The original film is long enough for a 4 episode TV movie version and he is now in discussions with TV stations. (

Aaron and movie son, Ian Iskander (After This Our Exile) (
"Astro Boy," a big budget cartoon from Hong Kong- and L.A.-based Imagi International, will escape China's film import quotas and be considered a local picture on the Chinese mainland.

Meanwhile, Lynn Xiong is modeling and filming Ip Man 2 in Shanghai. [Boyfriend Aaron, however, was recently photographed with Mango Wong in Beijing.]  (

After receiving a surprise gift from an anonymous man at a charitable banquet, Chinese actress Zhou Xun has admitted the man was her new boyfriend.

Zhao Benshan
Zhao Benshan had a stroke Wednesday and is now being treated in Shanghai.

Zhang Ziyi - August
Zhang Ziyi sent a video message to Tsai Ming-Liang on the eve of his Taiwan premiere of Face. She congratulated him on his success and expressed hope to collaborate in the future. In the message, Zhang said that movies are a high art form that combines literature, drama and music and other arts which is not easy to do but Tsai was able to do so. At the Cannes Film Festival premiere, Zhang Ziyi said that not only did Face have avant-garde artistic value but should also be appreciated. Therefore, she did not hesitate to vote for Face. (

Starring Tsai Chen-nan, Enno Cheng, Serena Fang and Tsai Jian-wei, Tears is a story about an old detective who takes on the case of a girl who dies of a drugs overdose, and accidentally reveals a hidden crime he committed years ago.

Bey Logan has set "The Blood Bond" as the first movie to flow from his new production company following his imminent exit as the Weinstein Company's Hong Kong-based vice president. The picture is a stylized Asian actioner to be shot in English...The picture co-stars American stage actress Phoenix Chou and also features Chinese model and Taekwondo ace Zhang Lan-xin and veteran Hong Kong actor Simon Yam. Production begins Oct. 15 in China...

The Chinese-language romantic comedy "Hot Summer Days" will be a co-production between Fox International Productions, China's Huayi Brothers Media Corp. and satellite TV operator Star Television Asia Ltd., Fox and Star said in a joint statement late Tuesday. Fox and Star are both units of media mogul Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

The Message - Hong Kong Premiere


Zhou Xun

Li Bingbing

Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing

Zhang Hanyu

Huang Xiaoming

Alec Su

Director Chen Kuo-Fu

The Hong Kong premiere of The Message was held Sept. 29 at the Hong Kong International Exhibition Centre in Kowloon Bay. More photos (

Watch your step!

Press conference photo (

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Charlene Choi Wants To Take A Year Off

Charlene Choi suddenly collapsed and passed out for 10 seconds yesterday. Her scared mother vigorously slapped her until she regained consciousness. She awoke in a cold sweat and a red chest from her mother's beating. It seems Charlene has a history. Prior to going to a medical exam she suddenly fainted while shopping. Charlene experienced dizziness again while dancing.   Her mother and boyfriend are deeply concerned about her condition. She was very scared that she might die but Charlene said she still had four unfinished projects. 'I would like to complete as soon as possible and apply to take an extended holiday.' Reporters asked about a possible marriage to Ronald, 'I just want to rest, not yet ready to marry. I have savings, a year without working would not be a problem. It is important for a woman to have her own wealth and not rely on support of others.' ( (

The Warrior and The Wolf poster

Lau Ching-Wan, voice of Garfield

Stanley Ho's daughter, Lau Ching-Wan

Michael Wong and family

Loretta Chow Mei-Yan, 2007 Miss HK second runner up attending
Garfield 3D premiere

China celebrates 60th birthday, Hollywood style

SCMP: Gaile Lok speaking English

SCMP: Vivian Chow