Sunday, February 28, 2010

2.28.2010 - News

What will happen in Hong Kong's entertainment scene this year?

More problems for Chen Kaige's Zhao's Orphan. Lead actress Song Hye-Kyo will not be starring in the film as previously announced. Prior to the announcement, Song Hye-Kyo denied participation in the film. It turns out her performance fee was never agreed to. This leaves Chen in a bit of an embarrassing predicament. (Xinhua)

Jiang Wen
Jiang Wen is revealed to be in the cast of Snow Flower and The Secret Fan. He plays a butcher and later Jeon Ji-Hyun's husband. (Xinhua)

Book Features Korean Film Renaissance
``South Korean Film Renaissance: Local Hit Makers, Global Provocateurs'' written by Choi Jin-hee in English probes how the Korean film industry turned an economic crisis into a cinematic renaissance through globalization based on historical reviews of the industry. 

Josephine Siao Fong Fong most trusted Hong Kong celebrity

In a survey commissioned by Ming Pao last October, Josephine Siao was ranked #1 as the most trusted celebrity out of 80 candidates. Chinese University of Hong Kong Vice Chancellor Joseph Sung came in second. Siao is the founder and president of the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation. Chief Executive Donald Tsang was fourth from the bottom and Jackie Chan placed last. Rating was based on trust and credibility. A professor of Applied Social Sciences said that the results showed that Hong Kong people have a high degree of trust for those who serve the community. Firefighters as a profession topped the list while fortune tellers ranked last. (Sina) (bbc)

Happy Birthday to AngelaBaby who turns 21 (Feb.28)
Looking forward to going to Las Vegas casinos, she was turned away when she was 18.

Celebrating the 'A-Z' Chocolate Art Fair'

Nic Tse endorsing sunglasses in Shanghai

Nic with two models

Oops, Coco Lee and Lynn Xiong appeared at the Africa themed Hong Kong Cancer Foundation Charity Ball wearing the same dress.

Twins attend Emperor reception and dinner at Macau's The Venetian

Gillian Chung

Charlene Choi

Nic Tse

Joey Yung
Hong Kong Football Association held a 'Wan Chi-Keung Memorial Cup' match in front of a crowd of 3000. A memorial service is planned for Mar.9 at Hong Kong Stadium.

Aaron Kwok

Nat Chan

Lee San-San

Friday, February 26, 2010

Huang Yi - March Modern Bride



2.26.2010 - News


Restored treasure "Confucius" on screen during International Film Festival
Screenings of director Fei Mu's lost classic, "Confucius", in its initial phase of restoration last year met with overwhelming response. The film in its second phase of restoration will be unveiled in the 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) together with other works of the great director, including the masterpiece "Spring in a Small Town". As a contribution to the HKIFF, the Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA) has organised a retrospective "Fei Mu, Film Poet" to showcase the work of one of the greatest filmmakers of Chinese cinema. (Original article, NYTimes)

Chan's new movie also shows that it's possible to be creative within the often-soulless genre of the big-budget Chinese epic that has come to dominate the local industry.

Sometimes the punchlines were culturally specific and were delivered very quickly. They do not translate well and result in hard-to-catch subtitles. The quick fire comedic exchange between Wang's staff for instance, left non-Chinese speakers puzzled as the subtitles zoomed by. 

Dante Lam's Fire of Conscience opens Apr.1
Leon Lai plays a hot, violent detective, Richie Ren/Jen a gentle anti-drug cop

Jacky Cheung

Crossing Hennessy will be opening film at this year's HKIFF. 
Amphetamine from Taiwan will be the closing film.
Connie Chan and mother, Gung Fan-Hung (Sina)
Gung Fan-Hung (c) with Lydia Shum, Nancy Sit, Connie Chan
Connie Chan's adoptive mother and mentor Gung Fan-Hung died after suffering chest pains while attending Connie Chan's concert at Hong Kong Coliseum on the evening of Feb.24. She was 98 years old. In 1953, Gung and her husband Chan Fai-Lung opened the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Academy and nurtured talent such as Ng Kwan-Lai. (Sina)

Connie Chan performed last night despite her grief. She was greeted with warm applause by fans.
Earlier, Connie told the media, 'Mommy, since childhood, taught me everyone should play their part and perform their duties.'

Connie Chan held a brief press conference and said she would announce funeral plans after completing work.

New Swordsman from Yuen Wo-Ping featuring Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming? (Xinhua)
Zhou Xun and Huang Xiaoming are also rumored to be leaving Huayi Brothers when their contracts expire to join Peter Lam's Media Asia. (Xinhua)

Cherie Chung

Cherie Chung shot new photo adverts for a collagen center promoting the 'secret of youth' (!)

Jennifer Tse Ting-Ting's new slimming advert

Amusic Welcomes Gong Mi


Media Asia boss Peter Lam, Gong Mi, Leon Lai

Gong Mi

Miriam Yeung

Shu Qi 

Anthony Wong

Leon Lai

Michelle Ye (Yip Suen)

Ivana Wong