Friday, December 4, 2009

12.04.2009 - News

True Legend (Beggar So) First Stills Released slide show (26) (Sina)

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei celebrates 6 day, 50M box office for Mulan, slide show (Sina)
Photos of Zhao Wei drinking wine seem to disprove pregnancy rumors.

Storm Warriors promotion tour: Beijing, Chengdu

Taipei Times; Pop Stop
While on the set of the film Hot Summer Days (全城熱戀), which is set to hit theaters in February, [Vivian] Hsu found a way to rid herself of the copious amounts of sushi she was forced to eat for her role as a love-struck heiress, reported
“I didn’t want to gain weight. So when the director stopped filming, I’d throw up the sushi,” she said.


AngelaBaby helps open a new store in Hong Kong mall (Sina)

Miriam Yeung promotes eyewear (Sina)

Jennifer Tse Tingting promotes jewelry in Hong Kong

Kelly Chen wears D+G in a dress rehearsal for Uni-Power (Universal Music) show (Sina)

Is Vicky Zhao Wei pregnant?

ESWN: Tiger Woods Meets Apple Daily

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