Monday, December 7, 2009

12.07.2009 - News

HK Magazine: Wong Jing

CRI: Zhang Hanyu's Transformation into Sun Yat-Sen
According to director Teddy Chan, he had shot four versions with each featuring a different actor playing Sun Yat-Sen. "Although it was really a hard decision to make, we eventually chose Zhang's version for the completed film." Slide show (Sina)

NYTimes: Martial Arts With a Digital Twist (Storm Warriors)
The brothers said they are keen to try new technologies to explore new ways of filmmaking. They have just finished shooting their first 3-D film, “Child’s Eye,” a supernatural horror movie that is set for release next summer.

Ekin Cheng, Aaron Kwok

Aaron Kwok

Ekin Cheng

Tiffany Tang Yan

Edison Chen

Edison Chen opened a new store in Shanghai and drew large crowds. Pals including Sam Lee were there to support Edison. (Xinhua)

Stephen Fung at recent style award ceremony

Jordan Chan promotes upcoming Christmas tour and EP

Chrissie Chau lights up green LED Christmas lights

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