Thursday, December 24, 2009

12.24.2009 - News

Hot Summer Days Poster (HunanTV)

CRI: Treasure Hunters Jay and Chi-Ling in HK HD Slide show (13) (Sina)
Lin Chi-ling On Her Guards Against Men Yet Worries of Not Being Loved

NYTimes: Reimagining a Pivotal Year in China
Big, star-studded ensemble casts with their many egos are notoriously difficult to handle, and for Teddy Chen, the director of the Chinese blockbuster “Bodyguards and Assassins,” it was no different...

Mr. Chen said the inspiration for the script came from the 1973 movie “The Bodyguard,” directed by his father, Tung Man Chan. “It was just a hard-core action movie,” said Mr. Chan, who recalls going to his father’s film set as a child. But while the original film focused on a couple of characters, the new one incorporates a broader cast.

While the new version is still a fast-paced action movie, Mr. Chan believes it is closer to a disaster film in its structure. It’s reminiscent of “The Poseidon Adventure,” “Towering Inferno” or “Titanic,” he said, in that “the first half of the film is spent presenting the various characters who are going to be summoned to the task, while the second half is about the disaster” or the attempted assassination of Sun Yat-sen and how the characters deal with it.


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