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11.14.2011 - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

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FBA: Love You You review
Fluffy but enjoyable summer beach romance, with engaging leads in Angelababy and Eddie Peng.
FBA: Love On Credit review
Taiwan's Lin Chi-ling strikes gold in a delightfully played Mainland rom-com.

“Many people tell me that after they watch the film, they go home and call the boy or girl that they used to like — or had a secret crush on — not because they want to have another chance to get together, but to thank them for the good memories.”

"Legendary Amazons," a costume heroine-themed movie produced by Jackie Chan, was said to be the bloodiest film in recent years by a cinema manager after it was screened in Kunming Lijiang, Yunnan province, last weekend.
 "No male actors have ever fought like that in a Chinese film before. So, seeing a group of women killing others in such a way was beyond our imagination."

From the trailer

New "bloody edition" trailer with subs

Zhao Qianyu plays the daughter of Cecilia Cheung and Richie Jen in "The Legendary Amazons"

With Richie Jen

The film's production company behind the "The Flowers of War" recently issued promotional posters in both Chinese and English.

Qin Hailu accepting the award for Most Outstanding Asian Artist in "The Piano in a Factory" at the New York Chinese Film Festival.

Born in the 1960s, the multiple-award-winning animation film "The Monkey King: Uproar in Heaven" is one of the most famous Chinese cartoons of all time. And now a 3-D remake of the classic cartoon is going to be brought to the big screen in January.
The production team also asked the original animation and graphic designer Yan Dingxian to join their team. The 75-year-old animation master was the chief animation director of the 1960s' version of the animation film.

Some Hong Kong tabloids claim that is the case, citing photographs of Tse with three other male celebrities – all taken over the course of a year – as proof that she is no shrinking violet and may have used Chen as a tool to create publicity for herself.
The Taiwanese singer’s fans felt that the young model was too whiney in her recent commercial

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