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11.4.2011 - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

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Variety: Beijing Besieged by Waste
Photographer Wang Jiu-liang transfers his documentation of Beijing's garbage dumps onto the bigscreen in this eye-opening docu.

NYTimes: Gang-Busting Cop Is One for the History Books in China
“We heard they wanted Johnnie To to direct it,” he said, referring to the Hong Kong crime movie director.

In fact, the leading contender now is Li Shaohong, the woman who made “Baober in Love” and a recent TV series of the classic Chinese novel “Dream of Red Mansions.”

CF: Three Male Award-winners to Team up with Actress Yang Mi in Derek Yee's New Film
Three heavyweight award-winning actors Lau Ching Wan, Nicholas Tse and Liu Kai Chi will team up with mainland actress Yang Mi, who will play an important role in this testerone-fueled project. Producer Yee revealed Nicholas Tse and Yang Mi will fall in love with each other in the film.
Set in a Shanghai arms factory during the Republic of China period of Chinese history, the film revolves around a series of strange murders that occur in the factory. A detective, portrayed by Lau Ching Wan and an officer played by Nicholas Tse thus start their dangerous quest for the truth.

Action-packed scenes including street fighting, explosions, gun battles and air bombardments were presented in the first trailer for the sniper-themed film "Cold Steel," which is due for release on the 2nd of December.

CF: "The Last Supper" Wraps up Shooting
Famed director Lu Chuan was seen giving every member of his production team a hug as the group celebrated the completion of filming for Lu's latest war epic, "The Last Supper" on November 1

Lu Chuan directs Chang Chen (Sina), 2

Director Patrick Leung, scriptwriter and producer Chan Khan along with cast members Yang Mi, Chiu Man Cheuk, Fan Siu-Wong, To Yu-Hang and Wang Xiao attended the event.
Yang, who wore a costume by Oscar-winning Japanese designer Emi Wada, said she would play a role of a young woman from an exotic land with high-level martial arts in the film.

Director Daniel Lee's latest historical epic movie "White Vengeance" released a batch of still photos featuring actors in the run up of its release in November. The film recalls the banquet of Hongmen, a well-known event in 206 B.C. where warring general Xiang Yu was motivated to assassinate his rival Liu Bang.(Sina-gallery)

FBA: Guillotines cuts fine figure at AFM
Jimmy Wang Yu (Wu Xia) and Chinese pop singer Li Yuchun (Bodyguards and Assassins) recently joined the cast

FBA: Inseparable review
Chemistry between Kevin Spacey and Daniel Wu helps sustain a rather uneven Mephistophelian comedy.
Though suffering from noticeable hiccups, Lin’s truthful adaptation is likely to satisfy both Liao’s loyal readers and regular moviegoers.
ChinaPost: Starry Starry Night review

The movie You Are the Apple of My Eye is a real hit. It has racked up more than HK$30 million at the box office in the two weeks since its release.

CF: Independents Day
Indie film like "Shattered" is pushing boundaries while offering commercial promise.
CIFF is the most important event on China's indie film circuit, drawing buyers and festival programmers from the US and Europe. It is also one of the few opportunities for independent filmmakers to show to large audiences.
Only films that have received the "dragon seal" after clearing the State Administration of Radio Film and Television approval process can normally be shown in commercial theaters, sold or broadcast on television. The approval process is both cumbersome and often entails compromise. 

Craig, Bardem star in new Bond thriller 'Skyfall' - no mentions of any Chinese actress in the cast
Craig will be joined by Spanish star Javier Bardem as Bond's nemisis, while British actors Albert Finney, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw will play as-yet-undisclosed roles.
Judi Dench returns as spy chief M and the film introduces two new Bond girls — English actress Naomie Harris as a field agent named Eve and French performer Berenice Marlohe as "a glamorous, enigmatic character" named Severine.
MSN: Daniel Craig wants double Bond bed
Alongside the double bed, Daniel's list of requirements also includes a coffee machine with South American beans, two bodyguards, a masseuse, a trainer and access to a gym.

CF: Li Bingbing Covers L' OFFICIEL Magazine

MSN: Did Cammi Tse lose her virginity to Edison Chen?
MSN: Selina Jen once contemplated suicide, (CNA)
At the press conference for his new book Yong Ai Shou Hou (Staying by with love) yesterday, Selina's father let on that his daughter would not be able to become pregnant in the next three years.

Tinglan was described at the time as an actress but she is not listed on the film database IMDB and there are no traceable records of her participating in any television or film projects

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