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Rose Chan Molested [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

This post was produced by Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver:

"Kissing Gate" doesn't seem to quite capture the real essence of this tawdry incident. Tabloid photos at the bottom of the post. The details, so far:

Rose Chan

MSN:Joe Ma and Benny Chan rumoured to have forcibly kiss Rose Chan after getting drunk (11/21)
The actress was at a gathering with actors like Timmy Hung, Louis Fan, Alex Fong, Joe, Benny, Michelle Ye and the production crew when the incident happened.

The group had gone for a meal followed by a karaoke session that night.
File photo

Joe Ma Tak-Chung, Benny Chan Ho-Man (Sina)

MSN: Joe Ma and Benny Chan apologise for improper act towards Rose Chan (11/22)
Yesterday, the Hong Kong media reported that actors Benny Chan [Ho-Man] and Joe Ma [Tak-Chung] denied rumours of kissing their 19-year-old co-star Rose Chan forcefully.
Benny Chan kissing Rose Chan, Joe Ma turns a blind eye

CNA: Rose Chan recounts Joe Ma, Benny Chan's drunken attack, goes to police
MSN: Rose Chan speaks up on Joe Ma and Benny Chan’s improper behaviours (11/23)
The young actress blamed herself for trusting the wrong people
Clad in black attire with little make-up, the actress appeared pale and on the brink of tears when she made her appearance.
The actress also revealed that one reason she attended the dinner was because of co-star Timmy Hung, who was present.
Rose explained that she had trusted Timmy as Sammo Hung - Timmy's father, and Master Sin (Rose's boss) was on good terms with each other.
Rose Chan

Prior to the release of the photos, Benny Chan flatly denied that he had behaved inappropriately toward Rose Chan and said he was simply "too friendly towards guests".
"The most I did was just to put my arm around her shoulder," Benny Chan told Hong Kong media.
However, he too changed his tune when the photos were published.

MSN: Rose Chan receives gag order (11/24)
It was rumoured that actor Benny Chan enlisted the help of an influential person to stop the actress from revealing more details on her molestation case
When Rose was asked if she received a gag order, the actress admitted and subtly hinted, "Someone did ask me to keep my mouth shut."
Furthermore, it was said that Rose went to her trusted friend Timmy Hung the day after the incident, and told him about it. Instead of helping her, the actor asked her to lie and conceal her bad experience into a story, which will lessen the seriousness of the matter.
Benny Chan and Joe Ma compensations
"I forbid Benny from leaving his apartment. He needs to reflect upon his actions."Meanwhile, Joe attempted to extricate himself from Rose's harassment incident by separating himself from Benny. Early in the morning, Joe wrote on his blog, "The incident the other night may be attributed to Benny's misconduct after drinking too much alcohol.
"I fully support you. This is not the first time a certain someone did something like this, so you really have to protect yourself," wrote Gillian.
"What the two culprits did was really an eye opener. Benny is like a creep who molested a girl on a school bus, while Joe sold his friend out for fame," said Director Wong Jing angrily.

Benny Chan Ho-Man 

MSN: Benny Chan apologises with wife in tow (11/25)
After the event, the media found a script left behind on the desk. The script dictated what the actor should say and do during the press conference, and even included a handwritten note, reminding Benny to "thank [his] supportive fans".
The revelation led netizens to feel that Benny's apology lacked sincerity.
Even as Hong Kong celebrities like Simon Yam and Eric Tsang criticise Benny Chan and Joe Ma over the incident, sceptics questioned if Rose Chan had set the whole thing up to gain publicity.
They point out that is highly uncommon for Hong Kong paparazzi to operate in Hengdian, yet it was the Hong Kong paparazzi who were present when the incident occurred and snapped the damning photos.

Benny Chan and his pregnant wife arriving at press conference

Just as all fingers were pointed at Benny and Joe, an eyewitness revealed to Apple Daily another side of the story.

Joe Chan "comforts" Rose Chan


Anonymous said...

The pix from this are extremely yucky. Hope she is able to recover from it and that she isn't raked over the coals too much by the press. And that the perps never get another paying gig in entertainment again or, better yet, go to jail.

dleedlee said...

Sleazy, creepy. The one photo looks like a street mugging. Rose Chan only just turned 19 y.o. this month, while the two 'seniors' are in their 40's.

I hope Rose will be able to recover from this. The last linked article seems to imply that dark forces might align to support the culprits though.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the "blame the victim" smear campaign has started. Hope that it doesn't get far.