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1.10.2012 - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

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FBA: Lovesick review
Taiwan's Ariel Lin bounces back into movies with a slick rom-com about a love-shy young woman.
"Dear Enemy" is a poor movie in almost every sense, a rating of four out of 10 does it enough justice. The only explanation for its popularity is perhaps that moviegoers have had too much intense viewing of late with "The Flowers of War" and "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate", so that a modern, light-hearted film holds some appeal for them for a change, never mind how cheesy it is. 

Movie Review: Turning Point: Laughing Gor returns (A1)
Once again, that Hong Kong movie malaise of an uneven plot and bad acting kicks in. Some scenes - particularly between Tse and Ng - are good, some simply barmy.
CF: Actress Zhao Wei and Actor Huang Xiaoming Cooperate for the First Time
Huayi Brothers, the production company behind the urban romance "LOVE", invited actor Huang Xiaoming to shoot a short film in an effort to promote the film "LOVE". The short film will be screened prior to the feature length movie's release on February 14, during the Valentine's Day slot.

Huang Xiaoming

Zhao Wei (Sina)

CF: Launch Ceremony for "Mission: Rescue" Held in Beijing
CF: Still Life with Zhang Yimou: Authorized Biography Hits the Stands

Love in the Buff will be released simultaneously in Hong Kong and the Mainland

Guo Tao and Rose Chan have finished their part in the film shoot of  Xiong Xinxin's "Glory Days" in Yunnan.
SGYahoo: Sean Lau & Deannie Yip shine in Hong Kong, (FBA)
The Hong Kong Film Critics Society announced veteran actor Sean Lau Ching Wan as the winner of the Best Actor Award and Deannie Yip the winner of the Best Actress Award at the 18th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.
MSN: Jackie Chan’s wife supervises his filming
Jackie Chan was in Taiwan recently, to shoot a scene for his 101th movie 12 Zodiacs, with his wife, retired actress Joan Lin in tow.
Jackie and wife
Jackie guides actress Yao Xingtong
Co-star Korean Kwon Sang-hoo 
Kwon Sang-hoo (Sina), 2, 3

A1: Is Janice Man Edison Chen's new girl?
SGYahoo: Edison Chen's new girlfriend
MSN: Cecilia Cheung shares short homemade videos
Recently, the actress took interest in producing online video clips, in which her two sons were lead actors.

MSN: Cecilia Cheung responds to reconciliation rumour
The actress appeared to be in a great mood at a recent event appearance

MSN: Aaron Kwok unscathed from 3–metre high fall
The singer hopes to stage another concert in Hong Kong soon
Decked in a hat and dark shades, Hong Kong veteran singer Aaron Kwok appeared stylishly handsome when he graced the opening ceremony of a shopping mall yesterday.
In The 33D Invader, Wu plays Future, a woman who travels from the year 2046 to 2011 in search of a healthy man to impregnate her because the entire male population had become sterile due to alien radiation.
Meanwhile, Wu appears to be at a crossroad in her life. She posted on her Weibo account on Christmas Day: "The older you get, the less you know about what you want, which gets you thinking harder about what you want.
"So what do I really want?"
The 39-year-old was among 40 celebrities helping ambitious teenagers fulfill their dreams.

Pan Qianqian is the new singing sensation in China.
Her boss realised her talent and encouraged her to take part in the Star Way, a major singing competition organised by China Central Television (CCTV).
Her ability to sing in both female and male tones helped her win the monthly competition and boosted her to fame when the show was broadcast in October last year.

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