Friday, November 13, 2009


Huang Yi
CRI: Huang Yi as Jet Fighter Maintainer
Actress Huang Yi plays a captain-ranking jet maintainer in the upcoming Chinese film "Jian Shi Chu Ji" (literally "J-10's Sortie"), which focuses on pilots of China's homemade J-10 fighter jet. The film is slated to open in theaters later this month. (Related article)

Fan Bingbing

'Bodyguards and Assassins', an all-star film about a group of bodyguards protecting Sun Yat-Sen from assassins, has premiered. (Sina photos) (2)

Stool Pigeon - Kwai Lun Mei

Nic Tse

Filming Stool Pigeon in the streets of Tsimshatsui

John Woo's smash hit 'Red Cliff' gets an American haircut

Gillian Chung photo shoot for a large chain electronic store (HD Sina)

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