Monday, November 2, 2009


Lin succinctly summarized everything, "At this period of time, there are many people looking for him, but I do not think that the timing is right yet, there are still many opposing voices."

Artistes told to hide their lady lumps
THIS year’s anniversary celebrations will be a “cover-up show” for TVB (Hong Kong’s Television Broadcasts Limited).
TVB general manager Stephen Chan has issued an order to all the female artistes to “cover up” their breasts.
The order applies to all the events regardless whether or not they are organised by the television station.

Lucas Trick or Treating in Central

Jackie Chan and Mainland singer Chen Sisi in Taipei perform in cross cultural exchange concert

Taiwan singer Chyi Yu and Chen Sisi

Sammi Cheng

At an event for mentally disabled children (Xinhua)

Shanghai - Cecilia Yip ribbon cutting ceremony for a luxury skin care brand

Two upcoming films, Panda Express and Ultimate Match


ewaffle said...

Twenty one pictures of Gong Li--sublime, even if they are essentially the same pose in the same dress each time. For a delirious moment there I thought it would be Gong Li modeling for what is call "a local underwear company" but clearly that is not to be.

See her gives on hope that carbon based life forms may still have a future on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Those Gong Li pics are truly awe-inspiring.

All hail the queen!