Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fillers

CRI: Huang Yi in Black and White - new photo spread

Li Bing Bing on Zhou Xun comparisons: We are only being ourselves
Frequently compared to her compatriot and fellow co-star in movie, Zhou Xun, Li gave her two-cents worth. "For every movie, the media will often create a talking point. When two actresses are together, they will talk about disputes and disharmony. When a male and female actress is paired together, they will come up with rumours. I feel that we are only being ourselves no matter what kind of news there is."

Gong Li mum about cup size
Her ample breasts were a hot topic when she starred in 2006's Curse Of The Golden Flower and it was Aimer which created the bras the female cast wore in the movie.

On Sunday, those famous breasts appeared to have shrunk, Ming Pao Daily reported, but they still provided buzz.

Asked by a male reporter for her secret to firm breasts, Gong, 43, said: 'This... I can't say.'

Faye Wong receives 180 million yuan offer for showbiz return

Taipei Times: Pop Stop
Miss Asia Pageant: Allegations of breast enhancement surgery have been made against Wang, in response to which Liu said her own 34Ds were the real deal.

Both the first and third place winners were less well endowed than Liu, a fact that seems to have utterly bowled over Taiwanese media. Could it be that cup size isn’t the ultimate arbiter of beauty?

Hsiao Shu-Shen: Another celebrity who can’t seem to keep on the straight and narrow is 
Suzanne Hsiao (蕭淑慎), who is back in the news for all the wrong reasons. While many of the stars caught up in the spate of celebrity drug busts in late 2007 have bounced back to achieve even greater success in the entertainment industry, Hsiao has kept a low profile, but is now suspected of drug use once again. Next reports that the former beauty, now 11kg heavier than in her glory days, tested positive for Class 2 drugs after visiting a clinic for tests following an abortion last month. She claims the positive drug tests are the result of using anti-depressants, but if this claim proves as hollow as previous excuses, she’ll be looking at some real jail time for what would be her third drug offense.

Karena Lam

Promoting a winter clothing brand and handing out lollipops

Michelle Reis

Promoting sunglasses

Nicky Wu

Hong Kong Heavenly King Leon Lai was said to have thrown a makeup wedding dinner just to appease his infuriated boss, Peter Lam, CEO of East Asia Entertainment. According to Chinese news reports, Peter was furious at being kept in the dark of Leon's secret Las Vegas marriage to Gaile Lok and only discovered it after reading the newspaper...

Wendi Deng and Zhang Ziyi

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