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9.16.2011 - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

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WSJ: Ann Hui on Aging and ‘A Simple Life’
WSJ: Will China Fall in Love With Rom-Coms?

Maggie Cheung promoting Hong Kong cinema in London
Maggie Cheung said, "Either they are ones that love Wong Kar-wai and are just in that world or the ones go for Jackie Chan, you know. And I think they're both as strong as each other actually, coming from, I've done both and I think it's part of it. I just can't think of Hong Kong cinema without one or the other, the action and the more mellow dramas or the more personal films."

Zhang Ziyi

Cecilia Cheung

Zhang Ziyi has been reportedly confirmed as joining Jang Dong-gun in Heo Jin-ho's remake of Dangerous Liaisons for a RMB$20 million fee. Unofficial reports have Cecilia Cheung joining for a RMB$16 millon fee. Filming is set to begin in September and the story has been reset in Shanghai. (Sina), 2, 3

Lu Chuan's The Last Supper (aka King's Feast) may be in serious trouble as major investor, Stellar Media, has reportedly pulled out. The reason is unclear but a number of reasons have been suggested: Stellar is focusing on another project, Peter Chan's Guillotines, which has incurred additions expenses due to the shuffle of directors (Teddy Chen for Andrew Lau); Stellar was unhappy with the choice of one of the key roles, He Du Jean as the concubine; the film has also been in conflict/competition with a similar film, Daniel Lee's White Vengeance. Lu Chuan and Stellar chief, Qin Hong, have engaged in a war of words via Weibo. (Sina), 2

Still from the set of Daniel Lee's White Vengeance 
Zhang Hanyu

Jordan Chan

Andy On Chi-Kit

Andy On

Leon Lai (r)

Zhang Hanyu (l)

Nicholas-Cecilia-Edison-Vincy-Gloria-Jay-Hannah-Maggie-Ole et al

Donnie Yen made his wife of eight years Cissy Wang weep tears of joy during her 30th birthday party recently, by singing her a song he composed for her while playing the piano
Mainland Chinese actress Li Bingbing, his co-star in "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan", wrote "Scatter flowers to welcome you".

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