Thursday, September 1, 2011

SCMP: Jennifer Tse right on cue for snooker showdown

Vivian Chen
Sep 02, 2011

Model-turned-actress Jennifer Tse Ting-ting has a hidden talent with a cue - she even challenged local snooker champion Marco Fu Ka-chun to a friendly game at an event held at The Landmark on Wednesday.

The event was to coincide with the launch of the Central mall's Men's floor, and the pair wowed guests with their skills.

Fu said: "My father and I used to play snooker every week starting when I was 12. That was probably the starting point of my career. I do play American pool with my friends, but it's very different from snooker, in terms of the skills and tactics involved."

Tse said she picked up the sport when she was just 14 years old, and played regularly with friends when she was studying in Canada.

The beauty was again asked about her actor brother, Nicholas Tse Ting-fung, who recently filed for divorce from actress Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi. "I just celebrated his 31st birthday with him and many of our friends on Monday. He seemed quite happy," she said.

But Tse said she hadn't been in touch with Cheung for a while. "We haven't talked since even before [the couple's marriage troubles] because we had both been very busy."

As for shooting pool, Tse said she was too busy to practise. "I still play occasionally with my boyfriend, but I have been super busy with filming and it's been difficult to find time."
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Walter said...

Everyone likes a pretty Asian girl who can play pool with the guys. :)