Saturday, February 26, 2011

2.26.2011 - News

Today's post should be called the Baby Mama's in the News edition.

Happier times (Sina)

Isabella Leong and Richard Li issued a statement breaking up  (Thanks, to Joyce!)
According to this newspaper received a copy of today's Isabella Leong said in a statement signed by fax, she had with Richard Li to break up, and the two will work together to raise their three children.
Statement said the new year begins, I wish my media friends every success in the future. Into 2011, she herself has entered a new phase of life, she said, and Mr Richard Li has been broken up.

[Not a complete surprise, recent articles in the Chinese press hinted that not all was well in the gilded birdcage. Isabella did not return to Li family mansion in Hong Kong for the New Year. And photos were recently taken of Isabella and unknown male companion chatting together for 3 hours in a Toronto bar where she was described as lonely and bored. Most recently, Isabella was photographed shopping in a thrift store in Toronto.]

Li Ka-Shing mansion

Top floor reserved for Isabella and Richard Li

Appearing at auto brand event with Michael Miu and Julian Cheung, 4 months pregnant Kelly Chen revealed that the gender of the upcoming twins will be girls.

One month after giving birth to Jayden Max, Michelle Reis posted a photo of herself to thank her fans. Confined at home for a month per tradition, Michelle described the weibo as her means of 'escape'. Yesterday was Michelle's husband's 49th birthday and the pair had plans to go out and celebrate and end her confinement. (Xinhua)

Baby Mama's in my dream world. :D

Li Bingbing

Chrissie Chau, Jessica C

Attending a recent event in Hong Kong that also included Fala Chen and Bernice Liu

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