Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hong Kong Film Critics Society - Awards Presented

Gallants: Low-budget Hong Kong action-comedy becomes critics', cult favourite 2
At the critics prize ceremony on Tuesday, Teddy Robin, who played the loud and flirtatious kung fu master who rises from a coma, received loud cheers as he picked up his best actor trophy.
FBA: Local heroes rewarded by HK critics

The 17th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Presentation Ceremony was held at the Hong Kong Film Archives Tuesday. Johnnie To assisted in the presentations. Most of the photos from the weibosphere.

Teddy Robin

Gallants crew Gordon Lam, Teddy Kwan, Bruce Leung, Derek Kwok, JJ Jia, Clement Cheng

In other awards presented on Tuesday, best director went to Taiwanese filmmaker Su Chao-pin, who directed former Bond girl Michelle Yeoh in the kung fu thriller "Reign of Assassins." Best actress went to Miriam Yeung for the romantic comedy "Perfect Wedding." Best screenwriter went to Ivy Ho for "Crossing Hennessy," which she also directed.
Best Actress, Miriam Yeung and Best Actor, Teddy Robin
Miriam Yeung

Best Director, Derek Kwok

Presenter/producer Andy Lau, Derek Kwok, Bruce Leung Siu-Lung

Johnnie To, Su Chao-Bin

Miriam Yeung

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