Monday, February 7, 2011

2.7.2011 - News

Sketch-style New Year comedy, with a pan-Chinese cast, is up and down.
Super Player poster

Qin Hailu and Wang Qianyuan arrive at Chinese Film Festival in Sydney for Piano in a Factory

Gong Li and Anya - What Women Want (Sina)

Andrew Lin and RZA on set of Man with the Iron Fist
Lin: Hello friends
Wish you all have a Happy New Year. Wish everyone has a prosper year.
 Although I have to spent my new years on a film-set, but it is a very happy and enjoyable film shoot. I am currently working on "Man With Iron Fist" with RZA, and many of our AnDers. All my dear friends are in the same film, Terence yin, Daniel wu, Osric Chau, Grace Huang, Darren Scott, Yoyao Hsueh, Celina Jade. Byron Mann
. (AnD)
RZA and Celina Jade 
Celina Jade and Eli Roth
Celina Jade's father is former martial arts actor, Roy Horan, and now an HKPU lecturer!  (AnD)


Anonymous said...

Did Josie Ho put up some money to finance Man With The Iron Fist? Just wondering since all of her posse (except Conroy?) seem to be attached to it.

dleedlee said...

I haven't seen that mentioned but it's possible. I imagine Tarantino has enough money or can find it.

Josie was supposed to be in the cast but backed out to focus on the family finance squabble. Maybe their English proficiency was a factor?

Anonymous said...

I think Josie's pretty fluent in English, iirc. But the family squabbles sound pretty time-consuming so she probably really is taking care of that. How many billions of dollars are at stake in the family fortune anyways?

dleedlee said...

How many billions of dollars are at stake in the family fortune anyways?

Four families worth? ;D