Friday, February 4, 2011

2.4.2011 - News

Variety: What Women Want review
Asian superstars Gong Li and Andy Lau spark together, but the script rarely produces fireworks in "What Women Want," a straightforward remake of Paramount's 2000 money-spinner.

Stellar Megamedia Group aiming for vertical integration
"Nobody could have guessed where we are today five years ago," says Peter Chan, a star Hong Kong director who is working with Stellar to market his films in China...

Sir Run Run Shaw attending the annual TVB Lunar New Year broadcast

Liza Wang (Sina)

Onimusha 3 - Takeshi Kaneshiro action figure

(From Derek Kwok's weibo)

Still have money left from your haul of hong baos? Buy the whole lot!

MSN: Donnie Yen’s wife rumoured to be pregnant
Later, his wife Cecilia Wang denied she was pregnant in a phone interview. She explained that she went to see the doctor due to an eye infection.

Seems to be a new tradition

Trailer for Promise, a Canadian-Chinese film opening Feb.19
Promise- official website (Thanks, Brian)

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