Friday, February 18, 2011

2.18.2011 - News

GlobalTimes: Something old, nothing new (Review)
Li Yapeng and Xu Jinglei relive old love in Eternal Moment

GlobalTimes: A new direction
Ning Hao is experimenting with discovering acting talent through a talent-seeking and training program.
"I knew how precious opportunities are for new talents. There are superstars in China [but] no one seems to care about potential ones. We can't always pick apples from the tree, but someone has to plant the seeds," Ning said.

Merry Go Round in Richmond Hill (Toronto, CA) (Thanks, Brian)
Nora Miao to attend

THR: Huayi Brothers Plans East Asia's Largest Indoor Studio Complex for Shanghai
The studio plan will follow the Universal Studios model, incorporating studio tours and rides in a later phase of its development.

Set in the 1940s during World War Two, Once Upon a Time in Tibet revolves around a struggling romance between a troubled American Air Force pilot and a Chinese woman.
Peter Ho Yun-Tung (Sina)

Berlin - An early version of poster for Peter Chan's Wu Xia

Simon Yam is The Man Behind the Courtyard House

Cecilia Cheung’s days as famous actress numbered
Cecilia Cheung is facing a boycott threat from a Chinese production company if she does not finish filming The Lady General of the Yang Family.
Major Chinese newspapers reported that Shanghai Film Studio, the second largest film production house in China, had threatened to withdraw its investment of the film if it was not wrapped up by the end of the month.
Cheung was scheduled to shoot 47 sets but discontinued after completing only 31.
This agitated the production house, which threatened to boycott all films by the Hong Kong actress.
“The boycott is expected to affect Cheung’s reputation as an actress,” one newspaper reported.

Michael Hui

Michael Hui and wife
Michael Hui performed at Hong Kong Coliseum Feb.16
The show, entitled "Stand Up Comedy II : Last Warning!", is Michael's follow up to his own sell-out shows in 2005 and 2009. (Sina)
CRI: Andy Lau to Bring 'Unforgettable' Concert to Beijing

Maggie Cheung attending New York Fashion Week show

Unfashionably early, she killed time playing with her iPad and reading the newspaper. She was seated next to Kirsten Dunst but did not speak with her according to the report. (Xinhua) Other front-row guests, Sofia Coppola, Kanye West, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington... (Zimbio)

MSN: Vivian Hsu’s tough road to true love
The singer-actress and her businessman boyfriend supposedly face opposition from the latter’s family

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