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10.10.2011 - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

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THR: China-Korea-Japan Ready 'Yang Gui Fei' for November Shoot
Yang Gui Fei tells the story of a Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) imperial consort who was the favorite of the Emperor Xuanzong. Despite her legendary beauty and relationship with the emperor, she was ultimately killed by the emperor's guards after her family was blamed for a rebellion against the monarch.

THR: Asian Filmmaker of the Year: Tsui Hark
Filmmaker Tsui Hark expects bright future for 3D movies
CNA: Asia's movie makers embrace 3D revolution
A 3D horror movie set in a public toilet block is part of a revolution underway in the Asian film industry as low-budget 3D productions take on the big studios at their own game.
CF: "Starry Starry Night" Releases Six Hand Painted Posters by Jimmy
THR: Lin Pins Hopes on 'Starry Night'

CF: "Inseparable" Premieres at the Busan International Film Festival
"Inseparable" tells the tale of the things that happened between two men after their encounter, one is a mysterious American guy played by Kevin Spacey, and the other is a young engineer played by Daniel Wu, who has troubles both in his life and career. After experiencing constant accidents and intense danger, they both embark upon a totally unexpected journey which threatens to spiral out of their control.
THR: Inseparable' Culture Clash Story Stars Kevin Spacey
Diverse background of director Dayyan Eng leads to a first in the Chinese film sector.
Eng has two upcoming projects set for 2012: a heist gone wrong film that will likely shoot in Hong Kong next spring, backed by China Film Group and a Hong Kong partner. The other is the birth of his first child, due in January.

CF: 'Let the Bullets Fly 3' Postponed for Jiang Wen's New Project

Actress Fan Bingbing glitters in Busan
"My Way" centers around two men set in the Battle of Normandy during World War II. Even though it's a war film, the movie mainly portrays a drama of true humanity that transcends border and nationality.
Fan plays a Chinese woman with astonishing sniper skills, who seeks revenge for the Japanese army's murder of her family.

THR: Korean WWII Film Promises Big Action, Bigger Drama
“We aimed to provide visual effects that haven’t been seen before in a war movie, but My Way is essentially a dramaa bout humanist values,” said director Kang Je-kyu, who ends a seven-year hiatus since helming Taegukgi, a Korean War flick that became one of the highest-grossing films in local box office history.

The new film has been making headlines for bringing together three of Asia’s hottest superstars, including Jang, Odagiri and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.

The film is slated to open in Korea in December and in Japan on Jan. 14, 2012. Discussions are underway for distribution dates in China and the United States, which are expected to fall sometime around mid-January next year.
Fan Bingbing at the Busan press conference for My Way
Jang Dong-gun, Fan Bingbing, Joe Odagiri and, presumably, their translators

The film tells a story about a couple of childhood sweethearts who are involved in two uninvestigated yet questionable murders.
Fan Bingbing, Li Yu
Kong Wei

Laughing Gor - I'm back

Francis Ng - I'm bad

Turning Point Extreme, a new Laughing Gor film based on the TVB series Lives of Omission,  is set to begin shooting on October 20. The cast includes Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Francis Ng and MC Jin. Francis Ng will play the villain. Fala Chen will not return, the female lead will be Rebecca Zhu, Miss Hong Kong 2011.(Sina)

Lost in Panic Cruise poster
The film is the follow up to Lost in Panic Room, also starring Alec Su. 

Based on positive response to a preview in Hong Kong, Barbara Wong's The Allure of Tears, besides a Mainland release, now will also open in Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia on December 24. (Sina)

Tentative Lunar Holiday schedule (Mainland) released, a partial listing: White Vengeance (Nov.24), Happy Magic (Dec.1), The Flowers of War (Dec.16), The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (Dec.18), The Grandmasters (Dec.22), The Allure of Tears (Dec.24).

Gigi Leung's other wedding day dress, a traditional cheongsam in Spanish colors


Anonymous said...

re: turning point extreme. The article states that Fala Chan won't be in the new movie because her character died--since when has that been a barrier to participation? Laughing Gor himself died in the original TV series, as did Francis Ng's character in the first movie. I confess I'm confused by the whole time frame of events, but it will still be fun to see another Laughing Gor movie. He's an awesome character & I'm glad to see Michael Tse get some props for it!

dleedlee said...

Thanks, I didn't know if it was considered a spoiler or not. :D

Anonymous said...

It's probably a spoiler in a strict sense but when Laughing was offed in EU it seemed like headline news at the time. Wasn't there a facebook page set up just to lament his passing with like a million members?

But I'll use spoiler space next time just in case some folks are still catching up : )

PS: kozo from lovehkfilm says that the new series, the original Turning Point movie, and the new movie are all prequels to the original EU. But Fala Chen still can't come back since she's aged out for ingenue roles.

dleedlee said...

Some of us further behind than others.

Anyway, I usually drop photos and/or mentions of deaths in plots if I can. It's just a me thing.

Anonymous said...

Aiiiah, I'm so sorry! Feel free to delete my comment if you like--I'll post a vaguer one if needed,

dleedlee said...

No worries. Just explaining why I dropped that detail.