Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10.11.2011 - News [Roast Pork Sliced From A Rusty Cleaver] (飲水思源)

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TimeOutHK: Love You You
It’s all too sweet and cutesy and sentimental, but Love You You will nonetheless prove a diverting time if realistic story settings and discreet emotional ploys are the lesser of your worries. This throwaway giggle won’t make stars out of its adorable lead couple. Without them, however, it would be nothing.

Hardly a household name in Hong Kong before very recently, Chinese actress Huang Yi has seemingly appeared in every other Hong Kong movie in the past year.

Prolific Taiwanese author Giddens Ko has turned his adolescent regrets into an unusually presentable teen drama.

"Searching" tells the tale of an insane human flesh search triggered by a girl who fails to give up her seat on a bus.
The film charts the events of a 33 day period between two colleagues who work together in a wedding planning company, Xiaoxian Huang and Xiaojian Wang, after the former breaks up with her boyfriend.

The film tells the story of three brothers who are set to embark on a deal in Dubai worth 2 billion US dollars.
Blue Lan and Chapman To at the Big Deal press conference

ScreenDaily:  Film Asia launches Zombie, 3D Hunter at Busan market
Sharifah Amani, Harisu, Dennis To Yu-Hang, Eva Huang Shengyi, Lau Kar-leung in the news

MSN: Gaile Lok rumoured to have harmed herself

MSN: Ekin Cheng buys Cecilia Cheung a thank-you meal
The actor frequently meets up with the actress to repay her for standing up for him many years ago
The actor was rumoured to have fathered a child with his girlfriend, whom he may soon marry

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