Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2.16.2010 - News

THR: The Actresses (South Korea)
Bottom Line: A witty actresses' ensemble piece disguised as a documentary.
Variety: Amphetamine
Beautifully lit and shot (by Pang Ho-cheung's regular d.p., Charlie Lam), but archly written and played, "Amphetamine" will be a downer for any except gay male auds in search of some lusciously lensed softcore porn.
Variety: 72 Tenants of Prosperity
No fewer than 174 famous faces show up in the patchy Cantonese comedy “72 Tenants of Prosperity,” the latest reworking of a 1945 Shanghai play. All but eliminating the rotten landlords and corrupt officials who made life hell for downtrodden tenants in the original, this third pic-version is moderately chucklesome but sorely lacks the triumph-of-the-underdog factor that’s galvanized auds over the years.
THR: True Legend
Set in 1961 China – “a turbulent time,” according to the opening title - True Legend quickly dispenses with history lessons to deliver dark intensity and kung fu fighting sequences from the master of wuxia himself, Yuen Woo-ping.
Alex Law and Mabel Cheung change roles for this bittersweet family saga which mixes nostalgia for the Hong Kong of 1969 with reflections on the transience of life, fortune and happiness.
Buzz Chung - Echoes of the Rainbow (THR)

Simon Yam

Sandra Ng, Simon Yam

THR: Kao joins "Snow Flower"
CSI star to play lead in 19th century love story

Jordan Chan marries Cherrie Ying in Las Vegas wedding
Due to his Jordan's weak English, the 42-year-old misread his vows saying, "You are my best wife" instead of "You are my best friend, my wife", tickling his bride and guests with his minor slipup at his wedding ceremony.
When it was Cherrie's turn, the Taiwan-born actress amused her guests just as much as her groom did and started to rattle her vows in a string of fluent Cantonese, "The whole world does not understand you, I will do my best to understand you. The whole world leaves you, I will never leave you. I know you're still a little kid, but you have a heart of gold. Don't worry. I will take care of you." [ Awww!]

Andy Lau sends New Year greetings after completing New Shaolin Temple.
Wishes everyone is happy, in harmony and lends a helping hand those in need.
Wan Chi-Keung, former footballer and actor, passed away this morning after a long bout with  nasopharyngeal cancer.(Sina)

Michelle Yim (Mai Suet), his longtime girlfriend, reportedly married Wan Chi-Keung shortly before his death. Previously, she had been accused of misappropriating HK$2M in medical funds raised by friends like Alan Tam and Natalis Chan. (Sina) (2)

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