Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hot Summer Days - Press Conference

Rene Liu, Vivian Hsu, Barbie Hsu, AngelaBaby

Barbie Hsu


Rene Liu

Vivian Hsu


Chan Kwok-Fai, co-director

Wing Shya, co-director

Since the film is about love, the actresses were bound to kiss and were asked to rate their film partners kissing skills.Vivian Hsu said her scene took three days and rated Daniel Wu a '10'. AngelaBaby also rated Bo Ran a '10' since they had to film a 360 degree shot and were attacked by bugs. Barbie Hsu's kissing scene with Nic Tse was deleted for the sake of his wife Cecilia Cheung, so he got a zero. Rene Liu flushed and gave Jacky Cheung a negative score. 

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