Saturday, February 20, 2010

2.20.2010 - News

Maggie Q to star as CW's "Nikita" remake
The pending hire of Maggie Q would mark the highest-profile series role for an Asian actress on a broadcast drama series and the highest-profile CW minority casting in the network's four-year history.

THR: Jackie Chan says new film 20 years in making
Shoot for 100th movie to last until late 2011

Chinese movies go 3D
Uproar in Heaven, Aftershocks (Tangshan Earthquake) among upcoming titles.

Love in a Puff John Chong, Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yu and Pang Ho-Cheung celebrate New Year together.

Elton Loo (Law Kwan-Chor) performing as Lydia Shum.
Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of Lydia's passing.

Karen Mok denied rumors of affair with Zhang Yadong
Lisa S.

Lisa S. formally announced that she was withdrawing from the modeling industry but she will continue hosting and television work.
Lisa S. is the longtime girlfriend of Daniel Wu.
Connie Chan (Sina)

Nam Fung and Connie Chan pray for blessings for upcoming series of Cantonese opera concerts at Hong Kong Coliseum. (Sina)


Glenn, kenixfan said...

That is a great Karen Mok picture!

Did you see this thing about Dong Jie?

Where has she been?

dleedlee said...

Thanks, I hadn't seen it. Dong Jie and Pan Yueming got married late last year. Dong Jie also recently had a baby but I haven't followed it very closely. I think she's been working in TV but can't remember.

Diana said...

8 I like Jordan and I am really trying not to be judgmental here ... is his hair color supposed to be Cherry red in tribute to his wife's English name? Otherwise I just don't get it.

dleedlee said...

Diana, looking back at my 2/2 post, I think it says he dyed it for work back in autumn and he decided not to dye it back to black and leave it for Lunar New Year. So, I guess, in a sense it was for the wedding. :)

Diana said...

Must have been reading too fast back there, sorry. Well, if Cherrie didn't like it, I imagine he would have dyed it back by now and her opinion matters more than mine I am sure.

dleedlee said...

No need to apologize, I only translated it just now.

Don't you think Jordan looks 'festive'?

Diana said...

In my mind it is more Halloween than Spring Festival. Hey the man is happy as can be with his lovely bride, he'd be festive no matter what his hair color.

I didn't like it when Alan Tam had his hair that color either come to think of it, hmmm, I am sensing a trend. :)