Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2.17.2010 - News

THR: Besouro (Brazil)
Bottom Line: Martial arts meet Brazilian history in an original mythic story.
Bottom Line: A perky urban dramedy that makes one smile from ear to ear.
Variety: Echoes of the Rainbow
A nostalgic family melodrama with its heart in the right place, "Echoes of the Rainbow" is diverting and even affecting while never quite straying from tried and tested formulas.

Echoes of the Rainbow - Berlin

Simon Yam
Aarif Lee, Simon Yam

Korean film 'Late Autumn' headed to Whidbey Island

In an interview, Jackie said he plans to begin shooting Zodiac in May. It will be shoot in France, Britain and other locales. He is searching to cast a French-Chinese fluent in Mandarin. (Sina)

AngelaBaby wears a dress by Lady Gaga designer Petra Storrs and becomes ChocolateBaby

Jay Chou has lashed out at rapper Dog G for writing a song about ex-girlfriend Patty Hou's virgin bride status that indirectly insulted him.
The Taiwanese rapper, inspired by media reports that the soon-to-be-married television host Hou is a virgin bride, wrote in his song that Chou "writes about being 'diao' [cool, powerful] in his songs, but is all talk and never used it".
The word 'diao' can also refer to the male genitalia in the Taiwanese dialect.

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