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29th Hong Kong Film Awards Nomination List

(From TVB News World)

Best Film 
1. Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
2. Red Cliff II (赤壁 決戰天下)
3. Overhead (竊聽風雲)
4. Shinjuku Incident (新宿事件)
5. KJ Music and Life (音樂人生)

Best Director 
1. Teddy Chan - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
2. Ann Hui - The Way We Are (天水圍的日與夜)
3. John Woo - Red Cliff II (赤壁 決戰天下)
4. Derek Lee - Shinjuku Incident (新宿事件)
5. Alan Mak and Felix Chong - Overhead (竊聽風雲)

Best Actor (Film King)
1. Wang Xuequ - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
2. Simon Yam - The Way We Are (天水圍的日與夜)
3. Aaron Kwok - Murderer (殺人犯)
4. Simon Yam - Echoes Of The Rainbow (歲月神偷)
5. Sean Lau - Overhead (竊聽風雲)

Best Actress (Film Queen) 
1. Zhang Jingchu - The Way We Are (天水圍的日與夜)
2. Kara Hui - At The End of Daybreak (心魔)
3. Vicki Zhao - Mulan (花木蘭)
4. ShuQi - Looking For A Star (游龍戲鳳)
5. Sandra Ng - Echoes Of The Rainbow (歲月神偷)

Best Supporting Actor 
1. Leung Ka Fai - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
2. Nicholas Tse - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
3. Chang Chen - Red Cliff II (赤壁 決戰天下)
4. Feng Tsui Fan - Accident (意外)
5. Alex Fong - Overhead (竊聽風雲)

Best Supporting Actress 
1. Li Yuchun - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
2. Fan Bingbing - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
3. Vicki Zhao - Red Cliff II (赤壁 決戰天下)
4. Denise Ho - Look For A Star (游龍戲鳳)
5. Michelle Ye - Accident (意外)

Best New Performer 
1. Wang Po Chieh - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城) disqualified

1. Fala Chen - Turning Point (Laughing Gor 之變節)
2. Li Yuchun - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
3. Zhu Xuan - Prince of Tears (淚王子)
4. Aarif Lee - Echoes Of The Rainbow (歲月神偷)
5. Chung Shiuto - Echoes Of The Rainbow (歲月神偷)

Best Cinematography 
1. Arthur Wong - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
2. Anthony Pun - Empire of Silver (白銀帝國)
3. Lu Yue & Zhang Li - Red Cliff II (赤壁 決戰天下)
4. Chin Tingchang - Prince of Tears (淚王子)
5. Nobuyasu Kita - Shinjuku Incident (新宿事件)

Best Film Editing 
1. Derek Hui & Wong Hoi - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
2. David Wu, Angie Lam & Yang Hong Yu - Red Cliff II (赤壁 決戰天下)
3. Cheung King Wai - KJ Music and Life (音樂人生)
4. David Richardson - Accident (意外)
5. Kong Chileung & Chan Chiwai - Overheard (竊聽風雲)

Best Art Direction 
1. Ken Mak - Bodyguards And Assassins (十月圍城)
2. Yee Chung Man (Production Design), Chang Chiping, Christina Yao (Art Directors) - Empire Of Silver (白銀帝國)
3. Tim Yip - Red Cliff II (赤壁 決戰天下)
4. Yee Chung Man & Lau Man Hung - The Storm Warriors (風雲II)
5. Yonfan & Andrew Wong - Prince of Tears (淚王子)

Best Costume & Make Up Design
1. Dora Ng Li Lo (Bodyguards And Assassins)
2. Yee Chung Man, Jessie Dai, Popeye Tam, Man Yung Ling - (Empire Of Silver)
3. Tim Yip - (Red Cliff II)
4. Yee Chung Man & Dora Ng (The Storm Warriors)
5. Yonfan & Eason Fung (Prince of Tears)

Best Action Choreography
1. Stephen Tung & Lee Tat Chiu (Bodyguards And Assassins)
2. Corey Yuen (Red Cliff II)
3. Ma Yu Sing (The Storm Warriors)
4. Chin Ka Lok (Shinjuku Incident)
5. Ku Huen Chiu (14 Blades)

Best Original Film Score 
1. Chan Kwong Wing & Peter Kam Pui Tat (Bodyguards And Assassins)
2. Taro Iwashiro (Red Cliff)
3. Yu Yat Yiu (Prince Of Tears)
4. Lo Tayu (Vengeance)
5. Keiichi Tomita (Dance, Subaru!)

Best Original Film Song
1. 粉末 Powder (Bodyguards And Assassins)
作曲Composer:陳光榮Chan Kwong Wing
填詞Lyric:岑偉宗Chris Shum Wai Chung
主唱Sung by:李宇春Li Yuchun

2. 大江東去 River Of No Return (Red Cliff II)
作曲Composer:岩代太郎Taro Iwashiro
填詞Lyric:李焯雄Francis Lee
主唱Sung by:阿蘭alan

3. 木蘭情 Mulan Love (Mulan)
作曲Composer:李偲菘Li Shih Song
填詞Lyric:易家揚Yee Kar Yeung
主唱Sung by:孫燕姿 Stefanie Sun

4. 麥兜响噹噹 Mcdull, Kungfu Ding Ding Dong (Mcdull, Kungfu Ding Ding Dong)
作曲Composer:The Pancakes
填詞Lyric:謝立文Brian Tse、The Pancakes
主唱Sung by:The Pancakes

5. 歲月輕狂 Echoes Of The Rainbow
(歲月神偷Echoes Of The Rainbow)
作曲Composer:盧冠廷Lowell Lo
填詞Lyric:羅啟銳Alex Law Kai Yui
主唱Sung by:李治廷Aarif Lee

Best Sound Design
1. Kinson Tsang & George Lee (Bodyguards And Assassins)
2. Steve Burgess & Wu Jiang (Red Cliff II)
3. Cheung King Wai & Hidemi Gojo (KJ Music and Life)
4. Ken Wong, Phyllis Cheng & Lam Siu Yu (The Storm Warriors)
5. Ken Wong & Phyllis Cheng (14 Blades - 錦衣衛)

Best Visual Effects
1. Ng Yuen Fai, Chas Chau, Joe Tam& Yung Kwok Yin (Bodyguards And Assassins)
2.Teddy Mak, Ken Law & Mary Ng Sze Sze (Written By - 再生號))
3. Craig Hayes (Red Cliff II)
4. Ng Yuen Fai, Chas Chau & Tam Kai Kwan (The Storm Warriors)
5. Cecil Cheng & Don Ma (Kungfu Cyborg : Metallic Attraction - 機器俠))

Best New Director
1. Philip Yung - Glamorous Youth (明媚時光)
2. Cheung King Wai - KJ Music and Life
3. Roy Chow - Murderer

Best Asian Film
1. City Of Life And Death - 南京!南京!
2. The Founding Of A Republic - 建國大業
3. The Message - 風聲
4. Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea - 崖上的波兒
5. Departures - 禮儀師之奏鳴曲

- The Hong Kong Film Awards will be held on April 18, 2010
- The award ceremony will be broadcast by ATV, RTHK and Now this year.
- TVB contracted artists cannot attend the ceremony as guest performers due to the soundtracks in the films are part of the Big 4.
- This year, the HK Film Awards is opened to public opening for fairness.

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