Friday, November 19, 2010

11.19.2010 - News

CRI: Andy Lau to Show 'What Women Want' in Feb.

Zhang Yishan, Aarif Lee

Jennifer Tse and Zhang Yishan - from My Brother Bruce Lee

Cecilia Cheung in costume for Lady Generals of the Yang Family. It appears to be an ethnic minority style instead of a military uniform. Posted on Weibo by an assistant of Ceci's.

False alarm:  Francis Ng was injured on the set of Warring States while shooting a fire scene. The action called for Francis to set fire to a supply cart and act distraught.  Somehow the fire got out of control in a gale of wind and while still deep in the role trying to utter his lines Francis was soon surrounded by a wall of fire and smoke. Wearing heavy armor costume weighing 30kg he could not move. Until he was located by shouting and searching Francis was finally rescued. He was temporarily suffocated and he suffered red and swollen eyes. His throat/vocal chords was damaged and had some burns on his skin but did not suffer more serious injury because he was rescued in time. (Sina), (Xinhua) [It turns out, this actually happened back in July. Warring States completed filming in September and Francis Ng has fully recovered since. So this story is just coattailing on the Selina Jen fire incident.] (Sina)

Gao Yuanyuan tries new gangster image in new film co-starring Leon Lai

Kelly Chen

Kelly Chen opened the Christmas season at Hong Kong's World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay.
And nothing says 'Christmas' like Hello Kitty, with Annie Liu, at Langham Plaza.

Today is Sir Run Run Shaw's 103rd birthday. 
Last night, he celebrated  at the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel with wife Mona Fong under heavy hotel security.

MSN: Was it a shotgun marriage for Barbie Hsu?
MSN: Lin Chi-ling and mother insulted on Facebook
Lin Chi-Ling for Longines, in English. Video - RazorTV

MSN: Selina Jen breaks down during counseling

CNN: Hong Kong diagnoses first human bird flu case in 7 years
US Embassy: Beijing air quality is 'crazy bad'
Experts say Beijing's frequently bad air has been even dirtier recently because a growing number of factories and villages on the outskirts of the city are burning coal for the winter, and more than 1,200 new cars hit the roads each day.


duriandave said...

I can't believe Run Run Shaw is 103!

Walter said...

I'll have to check out that Gao Yuanyuan movie when it's released and available. :)

dleedlee said...

I can't believe Run Run Shaw is 103!
You mean 'the Chinese Monty Burns' ! He looks a bit more frail in the other photos -- but still. It must be those TVB starlets (and Mona) that keeps him lively. :D

I'll have to check out that Gao Yuanyuan movie when it's released and available.

Yeah, the article was a bit too fuzzy for me to make much out of it. But I'll be trying to keep track of it as progress develops.