Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11.9.2010 - News

Color Me Love poster
Preview screenings in Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen have received positive reviews
Zhu Hong, model Lu Yan
iLook editor Hong Huang, Zhu Hong, Joan Chen
Zhu Hong

Jang Dong-Gun, Fan Bingbing, director Kang Je-Kyu
Best Actress Fan Bingbing was presented with flowers upon returning to the set of My Way in South Korea.

Chrissie Chau
Jiang Luxia
Chrissie Chau, Jiang Luxia, DaDa Lo and A.Lin took to the streets to promote Vampire Warriors.
A.Lin, Dada, Chrissie Chau, Jiang Luxia
Massive crowds

Nicholas Tse plays a villain in Benny Chan's New Shaolin Temple
Andy Lau plays a rival warlord who becomes a monk 
He leads the monks in protecting the victims of war

Still from Midnight Beating
Opens Dec. 24, a future Christmas classic!

Josephine Siao Fong-Fong and husband
Fong Fong accompanied her husband who received an honorary doctorate's degree.

Cherrie Ying and Jordan Chan shot a series of light-hearted wedding pictures

 Closeups of Cecilia Cheung
Sure looks pregnant to me

Law Kar-Ying and wife Liza Wang returned from Canada to Hong Kong

Displeased that he’s being accused of using Lin Chi-ling to gain viewership for his new variety show, Mr. J Channel, Jay Chou slams media online
Barbie Hsu's whirlwind romance brings out naysayers


Anonymous said...

re: Ceci pregnant. That was quick! How old is Focus now? Is it a case of Irish twins?

dleedlee said...

Quintus, it's Quintus (for May!). :D

Yeah, I'm really surprised at how big Ceci looks. I didn't expect to be so big. Supposedly, they want a girl to go with the two boys.

Walter said...

That really is surprising how pregnant Ceci is! She and Nick certainly don't waste any time!

I think that's the first unflattering pic of Fan Bingbing I've ever seen. :)

That's good to see that "Detective Dee" is making it over here (although it's already schedule for a HK DVD release in December).

I enjoyed seeing the wedding photos of Cherrie Ying and Jordan Chan - I think celebrities should show their sense of humor more often. :)