Thursday, November 4, 2010

11.4.2010 - News

The film was first set for release on October 28, and then November 5. Previous reports said director Chen Yili had to delete some scenes to pass a review by the country's film watchdog.

 Beijing premiere (Nov. 3)
Director Alexi Tan (Chen Yili)

Yao Chen, Zhu Hong

Yao Chen 
Zhu Hong

TV actress Joe Chen makes her big-screen debut, joining heartthrob Huang Xiaoming for a romance within a striving dragon-boat racing team.
Joe Chen Qian En

I Spy: Tang Wei filming Peter Chan's Wu Xia in Yunnan
Yen plays a man with a past -- and wicked kung fu skills -- sought by a detective, played by Kaneshiro. Tang plays Yen's wife. Also starring as the villain is veteran actor Jimmy Wang Yu, best known for his role in Chang Cheh's One Armed Swordsman. Wu Xia will be Wang's first onscreen appearance in 17 years. (THR), (FBA)
Takeshi Kaneshiro
With director Peter Chan
Thought to be Ken Watanabe

Barbara Wong has begun work on writing a sequel to Perfect Wedding Dress and hopes to bring Miriam Yeung back again. (Sohu)

A sequel to Hidden Chamber of Secrets (Lost in Panic Room) is already being planned. This time the story will take place on a cruise ship. It hasn't been determined whether Alec Su will return for the follow-up film or not. (Sina)

World premiere of 5-minute trailer for 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy
Lan Yan (Leni Lan)

Vonnie Lui

The film has been pre-sold to South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand recouping half the $25M investment costs. (Sina)

Hong Kong's Next Magazine reports that Ronald Cheng only just last month signed the formal papers agreeing to a divorce from Charlene Choi. Up until then, Cheng had been hoping for a possible reconciliation and Charlene would change her mind. The recent high profile exposure of the Sa-Ting (William Chan Wai-Ting) relationship dashed his hopes. (Xinhua)

 Aaron Kwok - Taiwan

Aaron Kwok celebrated his 20th year in music and his 45th birthday with 400 fans in Taiwan.

Amy Kwok, Lau Ching-Wan, Francis Ng, Monica Chan attending Dayo Wong's show at Hung Hom Coliseum

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