Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Time for More Zhang Jingchu

(Nov. 8) Zhang Jingchu sang Faye Wong's "I Am Willing" on the 10th anniversary of the popular "One on One With Yang Lan" talk show program. Yang Lan and Chen Luyu are two of the most widely known celebrity TV interviewers in China and both their programs are aired via satellite internationally (Both have been creatively dubbed the 'Chinese Oprah'.) . Fluent in English, Yang Lan's guests have included Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Jack Welch, Andrew L. Webber, Tan Dun, Nicole Kidman, Jackie Chan, Kobe Bryant, Hugh Jackman and Michael Phelps. The anniversary evening's celebrants included Feng Xiaogang and Jet Li.

I'm Willing - Faye Wong

Zhang Jingchu



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Glenn, kenixfan said...

Great photos of the always lovely Zhang Jingchu. I like this sort of look for her; no crazy hairdos.