Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lady Generals of the Yang Family - First Look

A first look at some of the characters in the Frankie Chan film and a description of their skills. Filming will move to Inner Mongolia in December to begin shooting the war scenes.

Cheng Pei-Pei - She Taijun, grandmother
Reprising the role she played in a 2004 Hong Kong TV series

Ge Chunyan - Yang aunt, wisdom, ingenuity and leader

Jin Qiaoqiao - 3rd Yang sister, superb archer

Li Jing - 2nd Yang sister, composes poetry and couplets, skilled with halberd

Yukari Oshima 

Chen Zihan - 8th Yang sister, outstanding wisdom

Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei - 5th Yang sister, gentle Buddhist

Liu Xiaoqing - 6th Yang sister, uses embroidery needle as hidden weapon, never misses

Yang Zitong - 4th Yang sister, occult powers

Liu Dong - 9th Yang sister, inventive solutions

Four fugitives



Anonymous said...

Good to see Yukari Oshima in the cast. She and Frankie Chan go back a long way.

dleedlee said...

I must admit that I'm more familiar with her name than her films.

Anonymous said...

Part of my introduction to HK movies were all the girls-with-guns movies. My friend used to make clip tapes. I'm not sure if I've ever seen one of her films in whole, but I've seen lots of her fight scenes. Here's a pretty good sample.

dleedlee said...

Impressive! I remember hearing the raves for the Angel films but there were a lot of bad imitators and I didn't bother trying to sort through them all so I missed all of them, good and bad.

Btw, I read recently that Cynthia Khan is making a return to film, too.

Anonymous said...

Is Cynthia doing an action film?

As for the "girls with guns" film, it's probably best just to look for the fight scenes on YouTube.

One exception is Yes Madam!, which I would recommend seeing in full. Besides the amazing performances of Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock, it's got some great slapstick by Tsui Hark, John Shum, and Mang Hoi.

dleedlee said...

Is Cynthia doing an action film?

She's in a mega cast film Big Players/Super Players. I think it's based partially on Feng Xiaogang's The Dream Factory where people pay a company to live out their fantasies. Danny Lee, Gillian Chung et al are also in it. Cynthia has a period piece role from what I can gather. I've had trouble getting my mind around the whole film so I haven't posted on it.

I have seen Yes, Madam. That's a good one!