Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11.23.2010 - News

CRI: Documentary "I Wish I Knew" Wins Kino Pen Award
Director Jia Zhangke's documentary about Shanghai "I Wish I Knew" ("Hai Shang Chuan Qi"), won the Kino Pen Award at the 13th Montreal International Documentary Festival.

Zhao Tao - I Wish I Knew (Sina)

FBA: Wind Blast (西風烈) (5/10)
Dusty, desert-set action movie is drained by a scrappy script and lack of cumulative drama or tension.

Yan Ni and Jiang Chao in the 2011 martial arts comedy My Own Swordsman
Jiang Chao (Sina)

The comeback Hong Kong actress’s imaging shots and personal photos were stolen along with three computers from her management company.

Cecilia Cheung's management office was recently burgled and had three computers stolen. The computers contain Cecilia's publicity photos, private family photos and file including personal information and confidential contract-related files. Ms Chow, Cecilia's agent was travelling with Cecilia while she has been shuttling between Hong Kong and the mainland filming Alls Well Ends Well 2011 and Lady Generals of the Yang Family. The company office and neighboring offices were broken into when investigating police called Ms Chow to ask if she knew of the break in. When Ms Chow returned to the management office to assess the loss, she found that three computers were missing. Cecilia's lawyers have already warned against publication of any materials found in the computers. (Xinhua), (Sina)
Computer with Cecilia Cheung's confidential files stolen

Ethan Ruan - Golden Horse's best leading man almost quit acting
MSN: Selina Jen asks for compensation for filming accident
Selina Jen's music label releases official account of her injuries
Considering that Jen made almost 30 million yuan (S$5.9 million) annually before the accident left her hospitalised indefinitely, and that any compensation would definitely have to factor in her lost income as a result of the accident, Jen's payout is likely to be huge.
MSN: Selina Jen’s fiancé pens a touching note on her recovery state

CNNGo: Sandy Lam and her penchant for jazz
The queen of Cantopop opens up about her journey to becoming the musician she is today
Lin Chi-Ling - She'll pursue her dream man
RTHK: Trial of TVB boss set for June
TVB's General Manager, Stephen Chan, and two other defendants have denied corruption and fraud charges. They will stand trial next summer, when a number of TVB stars are expected to give evidence.

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